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Granada Hills Realtors: What’s in it for you? Part – 2

As per my commitment here are the disadvantages of not using Granada Hills Realtor.

Losing out on expert advice

You can go out and manage your property related dealings, but you will dearly miss an expert opinion every now and then as you are not really accustomed with the business of real estate. Even you might well end up wasting your energy and resources and still achieve next to nothing. All these will add to your woes and you will get frustrated.

Time management

In the absence of a skilled agent you will have to manage time to look after of all the showings and your personal work. You will need to have time to do all the paper works, presentation, meeting with clients, making modifications to your house, arrange for promotion and marketing of the house, and negotiate with all the office bearers concerned and the potential clients. By the end of all of these you will be left exhausted, saturated and burned out. This might cost you more than employing a real estate agent or Realtor like the Granada Hills Realtor.

Quality services of an agent

You can’t get a better worth for your resources and hard work if you go in for agents who offer lowest commission rates on a property sell. You need to realize why a particular product costs you more than others or why fashionable linen is costlier than the ordinary ones. A lot of planning, promotion goes into making your property to draw people and make it look more valuable of buying than others. Hence, it is easy to understand that an agent who charges fewer commission is not going to put in that extra bit of work that will enable you to sell your property. Lower commission is directly proportional to lower perks for the agents. An agent earning chock-a-block of payment is most likely to strain every nerve to tackle any impediment that may crop up.

You must not go in for short term benefits; instead you must have an eye for the longer gains and smarter way of getting the act right in selling your property. It is your property and you just can’t compromise on its proper handover for the sake of saving a few dollars that you would have to shell out to employ a top real estate agent like the Granada Hills Realtor.

After having a look at all the above stated points you can straightforwardly realize what things you will lose and what you will gain by not choosing or by choosing Granada Hills Realtor as your real estate agent. Bear in mind, stop squabbling for every little concern with your agent and start listening and trusting him or her if you really wish to convert your dreams into reality.

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October 7, 2010 um 4:47 am
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