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December 6, 2011

Payday loan lenders offer options for bad credit

Despite the fact that payday loans are one of the more unfamiliar types of loan products to many people, payday loan lenders may offer more loan opportunities for borrowers with bad credit than other types of traditional lender.

Payday loans are often given to borrowers with bad credit, with amounts often up to £80-£1000.

Payday loan basics

Often referred to as cash advance loans, or cash advances, this loan product is intended as a very brief cash fix when you are in an emergency situation. If an unexpected veterinary or repair bill comes about, or you fail to plan enough cash for your holiday, payday loans may be a way to cover yourself efficiently.

These lenders are sometimes more sympathetic to the needs of bad credit borrowers because the cash advance amounts are smaller and they are more concerned with your ability to repay the funds (plus any interest and fees) on your next payday.

Payday loan uses

Credit preservation may be one of the main motivations for people using cash advances in order to preserve their credit score, whether that have a less than perfect credit history or not. Delaying payment on unexpected bills beyond the payment deadline can lead to negative marks on your credit score. If the numbers all add up, it may be worth considering paying a cash advance fee and interest for quick cash versus being charged a late payment fee and getting marks against your credit history.

Application process

Applying for a cash advance loan is often relatively simple. You can complete an online application, get a quick review, and, if accepted, get your cash advance funded within a few hours. This efficiency is part of the nature of the payday loan. Its primary purpose is to help you in quick cash emergencies. Tedious and drawn out application processes do not work as well in this loan sector as they do in other traditional loan areas.

Getting a decision on your cash advance request is often fairly quick. Payday loan lenders will generally want to know that you have income to cover your loan and interest and any fees, so being in regular employment with a regular income will usually be essential. Funding may be dispersed to your bank account, giving you quick access.

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December 4, 2011

What are the best life insurance quotes

Before you can find the best life insurance quotes, you may need to reflect on what it is that you mean by best.

For example, are the best life insurance quotes those that are the cheapest or would you consider a policy which offered the highest lump sum pay out, to be the best?

Types of cover

While the basic principle of a lump sum payment to your family should you die remains the same, there are different types of life insurance policy available. There are also a number of ways that you may typically tailor the type you choose to match your own particular set of circumstances.

So, for example, you may opt for a policy that has:

• a lump sum payout, which decreases over time to tie in with a repayment type mortgage where the balance outstanding also decreases with each repayment you make – this is a decreasing term policy.

• a lump sum agreed at the outset of the policy and which doesn’t change over time – this is called a level term policy.

It may be worth noting that for either of these options, the monthly premium is likely to remain the same over the term of the policy.

You may also be able to combine this type of cover with critical illness insurance, which may provide a lump sum in the event that you are diagnosed with a life threatening illness.


Once you have chosen the type of cover that you’d like, you may then need to choose:

• how long to you want the cover to last (the term of the policy) and this might correspond to the length of time your mortgage has to run or how long you have until you retire etc.

• the amount of cover you want (the size of the lump sum) – again, this may be tied into the amount of mortgage you have outstanding or an amount to provide your family with a bit extra once all the major bills were taken care of.

Premium prices will vary depending on the options that you select.

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