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October 18, 2015

What Are the Different Ways in which Debt Consolidation Loans Can Simplify Your Life

Consolidate your debtsIf you are worrying about the huge debt you have incurred, its time you take some professional help. There are many debt counselors who listen to your problem, enquire about your lifestyle, and come to a conclusion about your financial status.It is then that theyadvice you to take necessary steps to counter your debt. In this article, we are going to discuss how debt consolidation loans and their types.

Why do people become indebted?

In this era of consumerism, everyone is exposed to the tricks of marketing strategies. It does not matter whether you are a business owner or a service holder. Our needs and expectations have compelled us to live a life based on credit. You have everything you want, but you also have to pay a monthly amount to the credit providers.

Mentioned below are some of the things that generally push people into a credit mongering spot.

  • Clothes
  • Monthly groceries
  • Cell phone bills
  • Car expenses
  • Petrol or diesel
  • Household tools
  • Furniture

Over-indebtedness is quite a common occurrence in the US society. There are numerous people like you who reach a position when they cannot pay off their debts anymore.

What do you understand by debt consolidation?

The procedure of simplifying repayment of debt and saving you money is called debt consolidation. It involves taking a new loan at a lower interest rate for paying off smaller debts.

When can you opt for debt consolidation loan?

As a layman, you might not consider debt consolidation to be a useful way to pay off other loans. However, given the situation that you are being repeatedly being harassed by numerous creditors, you can opt for credit consolidation. It is the most effective and the finest solution under such circumstances.

Payment notifications convert into harassment when credit providers hire external agents to recover your debts. If you thing that your debt has reached out of your grasp and people are harassing you unnecessarily, you can opt for debt review. The debt counselor will enquire into your expenses.If he or she realizes that you are overburdened with debt and are being harassed unnecessarily, he or she will suggest you to consolidate your debts.

What are the different types of debt consolidation loans?

# Personal Loans

This is the most common loan suggested by debt consolidators to those who do not own a home. The rate of interest on this type of loan depends on credit score. It is a useful way to displace your existing debt; provided the debt counselor plans its utilization properly.

# Home Loans

If you have a home, you can opt for a home loan because it comes with low rate of interest.

# Secured Loans

If you are encountering bad credit, the counselor can also suggest you to get secured loan because of its reduced interest rates. The loan type gets its name from the practice of attaching a security to the loan amount. You have to attach an asset as security for being eligible for this loan. The asset lowers the interest rate on the loan. The financial institution also finds itself in a secured position in case you cannot repay this debt. The mortgaged asset should be high value things like, your house, car, plot of land in your name, etc. Your motive should be to return the loan amount to the financial institution. Otherwise, your assets will be repossessed.

With a huge debt and multiple creditors you cannot lead a stress-free life. But, if you consolidate the debt, you can pay off all creditors. Debt consolidation is very effective as you don’t have to worry about the creditors and the process is quite fast.

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October 17, 2015

Effective Financial Tips for Debt Burdened Students

student debt problemsYou may be at a stage of commencement of your graduation degree, but possessing a huge burden of student loan in your head. With unemployment rates increasing day by day, students’ loan are getting tough for repayment. Now, here are few methods through which students can get out of the debt burden situation.

Student Mindset: A recent study shows that, individuals between the age of 18 and 34 are very careless about their spending habits. They admit on their own that they are unnecessary spending on items that are really not required by them. As college students mostly stay on a limited budget, after their graduation, they can easily maintain the same lifestyle by controlling themselves properly. They can manage their working lifestyles by staying with roommates by sharing apartments, old cars can be kept for longer period of time, and expenditure can be controlled on eating out or shopping. If you get into an expensive lifestyle just after you finish your graduation, it will be very difficult to manage your spending habits.

Retirement Accounts: Make sure that you are contributing sufficient amount in your retirement accounts when you have started a new job. Roth IRA can be a good choice for you to save your money for retirement as well as not get debt burdened. The sum of money which is being accumulated in your retirement account can be withdrawn at any point of time, in case of emergency. These amounts always remain penalty or tax free if you withdraw them at any point of time.

Create and Stay within Budget: Creating a budget helps you to maintain your lifestyle just within your means. You must include savings for meeting your short term goals like purchasing a home or spending a vacation. According to debt review, you must not forget your long term goals like retirement. You can track your expenses through offline records or by online tracking sites or mobile apps.

Take Care of Your Credit: You must keep a thorough watch with your credits. You should make sure that you are repaying your loan within the scheduled time. If you want a good credit score, try to close your credit cards which are not very necessary. This will surely decrease your credit history and will improve your score.

Prioritize Higher Interest Rates: Try to keep a priority list of repaying your interests and higher interests must be paid at first. When an individual joins a job, he might be possessing student loans at first but gradually his loans may increase. Now, you must know how to prioritize the repayments by paying off your loans one by one starting with higher interest ones.

Loan Repayment Options: Students can repay loans with various options either directly to the Federal Government or through some guarantors. Loans can also be decreased with some income based repayment. With some extended repayment plans, you can extend your repayment for a period of about 25 years but in this case you must have an outstanding amount of $30k or more. This plan holds suitable for situations where your income is unstable or low.

Never Default: Try not to default your repayments in whatever case it may be. If you miss any single repayment, it can hurt your credit very badly. The Government can easily confiscate your tax refunds, if you default any repayment.

Learn properly the ways to protect your tax refunds by defending yourself from lawsuits. If students can adopt skills for managing their money properly, they will surely come out of their debt burden very easily. They must learn to control their financial situation by their own so that they do not face tough times in future.

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October 15, 2015

How to Improve Your Finances and Control Debt

Control your debtsMaking a commitment to improve your financial situation involves increasing financial awareness, proper planning and controlling debt. Credit card debt can be a stressful situation to deal with and paying down your debts as soon as you can is a critical financial goal.

Financial Planning

If you need to get back on track with your bills and reducing debt, you need to have a plan. Credit card bills need to be paid off every month, preferably in full. You have to establish how the balances will be paid down and fully paid off eventually.

Being strategic will help to preserve your credit and prevent the impact of high balances. Proper planning will enable you to deal with financial emergencies because you will be able to cover any unexpected costs that may arise.

Lifestyle Changes

Saving is another essential financial goal because it enables you to set aside funds and afford purchases without landing in debt. Debt is a habit that is relatively easy to form and there are various lifestyle adjustments that you can make to avoid it. Such changes will make it easier for you to stick to your budget and fulfill your financial responsibilities each month.

Income and Expenses

If your expenses exceed your income, you need to figure out how you can earn an extra income to accommodate your lifestyle. If increasing your income is a challenge, it is advisable to cut down on your spending until you do. The only viable ways to ensure that you do not spend more than your earnings is by getting a higher income or reducing your spending. For more about debt review, visit here.

Positive Attitude

In order for you to be able to handle your money more efficiently, you need to develop a positive attitude. With the right attitude, you will be able to make better financial decisions. Spare some time on a regular basis to evaluate your budget and find out which areas need improvement.

Regardless of how small a debt may be, paying it off is an accomplishment and takes you a step further towards financial relief. One of the best ways to celebrate such accomplishments is by setting up a savings account where you can direct any extra money that you have. As your personal finances improve, you can look forward to being debt free and having access to more money.

Financial Emergencies

An emergency fund will enable you to be self reliant as opposed to depending on credit cards whenever an unexpected financial situation arises. Save a percentage of your earnings and create your own emergency fund. Several households continue to deal with debt as they take on more loans and credit card debt to cover their costs.

Situations such as lack of income and medical bills can cause people to go into debt. If you are in debt, there are various options worth considering. You can find your way back to financial control when you plan, work hard and remain persistent. When your finances are back in order, make an effort to keep them stable and avoid debt.

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October 12, 2015

Home Financing For India – A knowledge base

Home loan financeHome loan India is the perfect option for those who want to get a place of their own and do not have the necessary funds to pay the entire amount. For people who have a decent monthly income, this can be really easy however for those who have a fluctuating income it can be a real challenge at times.

The different factors for the housing loan evaluation

To evaluate the kind of housing loan a person is eligible for, there are a few factors that play a vital role. They are

The individual’s job and field- There are certain fields that are not permitted to get a loan due to the nature of the way the field operates. This is called Negative professions. This is one of the main reasons why financial institutions need to know the field that the person work’s in.

Property location - Knowing where the property is located is also another important factor. Just like how there are black listed professions; there are also blacklisted areas as well as limits that are set.

Personal history of the person - This helps the loan company to know how the house operates as well as the number of earning members that are there in the family. This also helps them to know if the person has any other loans taken out elsewhere and help them to determine the creditability of the person’s ability to pay back.

Required documentation to take out a home loan India

Income Proof - Be it a single borrower or a joint one, the income proof is used to make the necessary evaluation and decide how much loan can be given to a person as well as the monthly repayment.

Personal identification Proof - This includes the person’s driving licence / their voter ID/ Pan Card/ Aadhaar card/ passport etc

Resident Proof - If it is a second home, then the person can submit the present address proof which can be in the form of the electricity bill / passport/ receipts towards the property tax paid etc. In the case of the first ownership, then a letter can be taken directly from the builder if it is a new or ongoing project or after the registration is completed.

Business Proof- This is applicable for those who own a business and want to go ahead and apply for a loan.

Experience Proof - Some banks require a letter from the place of employment where they have the experience of a certain amount of time at the present company.

Age Proof - Different banks have different age criteria’s to give different kinds of loans as well as the tenure and amount of the loan.
Property documents – This would include all the various documents such as the sale deed, registration deed, NOC (society or builder), Occupation Certificate etc.

Buying a house requires a lot of finance which has to be paid either in full or in installments depending on the kind of property you choose, home loan India gives you a financial backup to live your dream.

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September 23, 2015

Applying for Financial Hardship with your Financial Institution

during financial crisisIf you are finding it difficult to pay back your debts, you may be able to apply for temporary financial hardship. This would mean that your payment arrangement changes for a few months and the type of assistance may vary between creditors.

So what exactly is financial hardship and who can qualify?

An individual that is unable to meet their repayments and unable to pay for the bare necessities is considered to be in financial hardship. Such provisions that a person cannot support either for himself/herself, family or dependents can be:

  1. Food
  2. Accommodation
  3. Clothing
  4. Medical expenses
  5. Education and other basic necessities

Creditors will examine your inability to pay basic bills on your current income. These are all lumped together as living expenses, but if you find yourself struggling to pay any one of these you may qualify. Having this information available when you call your creditors is generally a good idea.

Most creditors will want to know why you are having this financial hardship. If you have been made redundant, had your hours cut, had to take leave from work due to illness, etc., you should be prepared to send them paperwork confirming your financial situation.

Factors that led to financial hardships

  1. Tragedy in the family
  2. Serious illness that it drained your resources
  3. Injury that caused an inability to work

If you have lost a home, are having medical difficulties, or are going through a time of family emergency you may also be able to apply. Medical trouble can be a real problem with the inability to work when you are accruing larger medical bills. This means that if you find yourself needing to have extensive surgery, are injured on the job and you find yourself with unexpected expenses such as child care, you may be eligible.

Generally the creditors will want to know that your situation is temporary. If you have lost your job that means you must be on the look-out of a new job. They may ask you to estimate how long you anticipate needing assistance and only offer you help for that time period. However, you may be able to ring them up again and extend the terms of your agreement. There are only a limited number of times that one is able to apply for temporary hardship assistance and if you’re financial difficulties are more permanent,you may need to look for a long term debt management option.

Each creditor has different criteria and assesses the client’s whole situation with a financial statement of position plus looking at their circumstances as to why they can’t afford to pay their debts. During financial hardship you may be able to get your payments reduced or stopped temporarily. This will assist you to get back on your feet and pay your debts back in a timelier manner.

All requests for hardship must be responded to within 21 days by your creditors. This means that you will know within the month if your application has been successful or not. If your application is rejected or requires more proof, the company must tell you why otherwise you may be able to file a dispute with the Financial Ombudsman Service. Confirming the agreement in writing can save you a lot of time and money later as well.

If you want to know more in how to go about this; and if you are not sure of approaching the creditors, you can check the website www.debtcutter.com.au as they provide a number of fact sheets to guide people through applying for a financial hardship.

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