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March 31, 2012

Things to Consider When Selling Your Home

As you decide to sell your home it is necessary that you will also have some knowledge on things that you need to consider in selling it so that you can be sure that you will not encounter any troubles with regards of the transaction with the potential buyers.

1. Ways of advertising. The very first thing you need to make sure in selling your home is the way that you are going to advertise it. You need to make sure that the way you promote your home will be very effective so that you can sell it fast. You can ask the help of a real estate agent in advertising or promoting your property. Another advertising strategy that you can do is by listing your property in local newspapers or by putting ad on the Internet.

2. Setting up a valuable price. It is really very necessary that you have the knowledge about the market value of your property so that you can set up a valuable price that isn’t bias to you and to your potential buyer. Set a price in which your buyer can still negotiate, give them a chance to at least bargain on the price that you have. Remember that, price is mostly the first thing that is asked by the buyers and if they find your price is too expensive compared to your competitors surely that they will not waste their time to look at your home. Be reasonable in giving price to your property, a price that is upon the real value of your home.

3. Consider having home inspection. It is an added value that you can have once you decide to sell your house. Remember that having a home inspection will give you ideas on the things that needs’ to be improved and repaired. Buyers are more willing to purchase a house that undergo a home inspection this is for the reason that they feel more secured. Having home inspection gives a chance to your buyer to realize that it is better to stay in your place because they don’t have to worry anymore on the problems that may arise once they choose your property.

4. Legal issues. It is best if you are going to fix and resolve all legal issues on your property before moving on selling it. That way you don’t have to think on the possible problems that you may encounter on the process of selling it. You can freely deal and have legal transaction with your buyer especially if you have settled all the legal issues on your property.

These considerations that you need to have whenever you plan to sell your house are very important to make sure that in the long run of transacting with your problem you will not have any problem. Consider these things even before you start dealing or advertising your property to make sure that you will have a smooth flow of transaction with your buyers.

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March 30, 2012

5 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

Car insurance rates shouldn’t be a mystery. Carriers always look at the same binary metrics when quoting a rate. They can’t ask certain personal questions — like your medical history or financial holdings — but they can home in on other data points that traditionally give them a strong idea of your risk profile.

By knowing exactly what the insurance carriers are looking for, you can position yourself beforehand in order to save money on your policy.

Clean up your credit. Credit scores are a big part of your risk profile. Remember, FICO scores, while helpful to consumers, were originally designed as a tool created by banks to assess your likelihood of defaulting on a loan. The score can also be used more broadly (and subjectively) to determine whether or not you’re a high-risk driver, and therefore more pricey to indemnify.

Look into a group policy.The most common is a collective policy with your spouse and/or your children. Covering three people under one policy is much less expensive than it would be to take out three individual policies. The carriers know that the more customers the merrier, and are happy to give a rate cut to accommodate your group. Group policies can also cover you and your same-sex partner, your roommates, friends, etc. For somewhat old-school industry members, car insurance carriers are pretty open-minded about what constitutes a group for a policy.

Pick the right car. If your car has poor safety ratings and is susceptible to theft insurers are going to charge you more for coverage; Mercedes Benz and Jaguar vehicles often fall into this category. If you’re serious about saving on car insurance seek out safe cars that thieves will have no interest in stealing. The Honda Accord is usually a safe bet.

Shop around. While all insurance carriers look at the same metrics to arive at a quote, most weigh certain factors differently. Some might be extremely keen on your credit score, while others will focus on the type of car you drive. If you don’t like the rate someone quotes you, feel more than free to look around to get a sense of the market. Don’t accept the first offer you get; chances are someone can beat it.

Be female.This one is in jest of course. Nevertheless, women do pay less for car insurance because they traditionally make fewer and smaller claims to carriers. Men also tend to drive more aggressively and there less safely.

The process of arriving at an auto insurance quote is a science, not an art for the carriers. They know exactly which metrics cause a spike or decrease in the rates they will quote. Different carriers quote different prices only because they weigh factors differently. Nevertheless, these are the sacrosanct metrics by which you are judged and if you’re looking to spend up to $25 less each month on car insurance it’s best to focus on them now.

Larry Kuhns is a staff writer at CoverHound, where smart shoppers find insurance.

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March 29, 2012

The 3 Chart Patterns You Can’t Afford Not to Trade

Chart patterns are specific price-action patterns in stock prices that have repeated themselves for decades, giving prudent traders many profitable trading opportunities. However, there are many chart patterns that are unreliable and not profitable. In this article we will cover the 3 highest win rate patterns that almost guarantee long-term profitability and gains.

Pattern #1: Head & Shoulders
The Head & Shoulders is one of the most reliable chart patterns, having accuracy of almost 90% and generating profits for decades. The head & shoulders is a reversal pattern, that indicates a shift in trend and beginning of a reversal.

We will usually trade this pattern when the neckline is broken, and will join the trade right at the breakout. However, for even more accurate entry it is recommended to wait for price to pull back to the neckline, and begin the new trend. The pullback entry is even more accurate than the breakout one, reaching around 95% accuracy. This is a chart pattern you must trade and master.

Pattern #2: Double Top
The Double Top is another pattern which you must trade, as it provides very good win rate (around 76% winning trades) and very consistent profits in many stocks and Forex pairs.

The Double Top is created when price tries to break a resistance level twice and is unable to, creating a shape resembling the letter ‘M’. Eventually price breaks the neckline downwards, which is the sell signal for chart traders. We will also enter a short trade if price pulls back to the broken neckline from below.

Pattern #3: The Channel
The Channel is one of the most accurate chart patterns that appears in almost any Stock or index, and are the foundation of trends. The Channel consists of two parallel trend lines in a certain direction – it can be either ascending or descending.

The Channel symbolizes a healthy trend in which price moves forward in a certain rythem. We can trade the channel in several methods: The first one is to take trades on the trend lines themselves (make sure to enter only with the direction of the trend and not against it).

Another trading method that is particularly powerful with channels is to enter after it is broken: entering short when an ascending channel is broken and entering long when a descending channel is broken. For extra accuracy we recommend not to enter the breakout itself but wait for the pullback.

Chart patterns are a very reliable and consistent way of trading, and if you focus just on the 3 patterns mentioned above, you will generate stable profits from any market you trade. Choose one pattern at a time, learn to identify it on historical charts and then proceed to master it in real trading.

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How to get relief from credit card debt?

In today’s world, people cannot do without using credit cards. The payment for almost every item that we buy and every service that we use can be made using credit cards. People often use their card to purchase thing which are out of their budget, thinking that they will pay off the card balance in due course. However, such kinds of plans often do not materialize as people often face tough financial situations. In the current economic scenario, many people do not earn enough money to sustain their livings and make credit card payments at the same time. Thus, their debt increases and they often look for effective ways through which they can obtain credit card debt relief.

Getting relief from credit card debt is certainly not an easy task and people need to try their best and consolidate their credit card bills, and pay them off as soon as possible. The best thing to do is to opt for credit card bill consolidation loans which are offered by different financial institutions (lenders). These loans can assist people in effectively clearing their credit card debt in a short span of time. Such loans are offered by most financial institutions and the applicants do not need to own a house or provide any sort of collateral to get these loans.

These loans can be unsecured against the payment of a high rate of interest and no collateral needs to be produced. Some people might think as to why they should opt for a loan with high interest rate for paying off their credit card debt. The reason is that, the interest rate charged for debt consolidation loans (even unsecured loans) is way lower than the interest rates charged on the credit cards. Hence, people can avail of these loans and pay off their credit card dues.

Reaching a settlement agreement is another way through which people can get relief from their credit card debts. There are many professional agencies or companies which can be hired to act as a 3rd party mediator between the borrowers and the banks. These companies will not only help in the settlement process but they can also help the borrowers in applying for loans for debt consolidation. They charge a nominal amount of fee for their services and can assist the borrowers in many ways, in order to help them in getting relief from debt.

In order to achieve credit card debt relief, people will need to make a conscious effort and try their best to pay off the credit card dues in time. They can benefit a lot from hiring the services of these professional agencies which have a lot of experience in this field, have dealt with many such cases, and are aware of all the legal ways through which people can consolidate their debt, make regular payments and improve their credit history. Before choosing any such agency, it is important to do a thorough check about their credibility to make sure that they are genuine.

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March 28, 2012

How to Escape Debt – Individual Voluntary Arrangements

Debt is a widespread problem today which is affecting businesses and individuals alike. When a person or organisation is in the mire of insolvency escape can seem impossible, but there are ways out, including individual voluntary arrangements or IVA.

Troubled times

It doesn’t take a financial wizard to see that the economies of numerous countries are struggling at the moment. The UK, the US and many European countries are in dire straits and this economic difficulty is filtering through societies, affecting many people inhabiting these nations. In such troubled times it is easy to fall into debt or greater debt, but thankfully there are ways to get back to solvency.

Potential ways to escape debt

There are a number of options open to people struggling with debt. At the most dramatic end of the scale there is bankruptcy, which will wipe out debts but also mean that someone can’t borrow money for years afterwards. Another option that dramatically reduces debt without the future limitations of bankruptcy is an IVA.

IVAs – what you need to know

An IVA is a formal repayment proposal to creditors, with which a debtor attempts to agree to repay reduced sums. A creditor is likely to agree to an IVA as they will often receive more money back than if the debtor becomes bankrupt.

IVAs were initially designed to provide relief to businesses that fall into spiralling debt, but as consumer debt is increasing today more and more individuals are proposing IVAs. There are subsequently a large number of firms offering IVA services, but it pays to do some research here to find the most suitable company on the market.

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