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August 13, 2015

Currency Trading Techniques for Beginners

All details about forexCurrency trading on the foreign exchange market (Forex), also known as speculative forex trading, is carried out with the intention of making money. The currency exchange rate is the rate at which a certain currency is able to be exchanged for another. It is always quoted in pairs, for example the USD/EU rate (US Dollar and Euro). Because exchange rates can fluctuate and change based on a variety of reasons for example economic factors such as industrial production, geopolitical events and inflation, there are always factors influencing whether or not a currency pair is bought or sold. If you are new to currency trading, we have complied a list of tips that you may find helpful.

Know the Language

When it comes to currency trading, technical language can often be used by traders and this can be a little bit intimidating if you’re just beginning to trade. If you see a word that you’re not sure of, it’s a good idea to refer to the commonly used Forex terms which will help you become more familiar with the language.

Technical Analysis

In order to develop a strategy, a wide variety of tools and techniques are used by traders. Some traders will perform technical analysis by studying the market using currency charts, which is a good strategy that assumes past movements in the market will help to predict market activity in the future. Technical analysis is a very popular technique due to how effective it is.

Fundamental Analysis

Other traders will use fundamental analysis in order to develop a trading strategy. These traders closely follow the effect of political, economic and social effects on the prices of currency. One way to do this effectively would be to read specialized Forex news in order to keep up to date on how events have an effect on currency exchange rates.


As you become more familiar with the market, you will gain more practice and experience which in turn will make you a better trader. You may also like to experiment with a variety of tools to see which ones work best for you, for example the portfolio management tool from IMS Broadridge which assists with all aspects of managing your portfolio from order management to risk management.

Know the Risks

There is a considerable level of risk involved with trading foreign exchange on margin, and many people often decide that this amount of risk is unsuitable for them personally. Before you decide to trade foreign exchange it is important that you take time to carefully consider all of your investment objectives, appetite for risk, and level of experience. Remember that there is always a possibility that you lose some or all of the money you initially invest, so you should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. If you have any doubts or worries, you may find it helpful to consult a financial advisor.

How did you start out trading foreign exchange? Do you have any more tips or advice for those just starting out? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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December 9, 2014

World class housing come to India

Real Estate InvestmentAhmedabad is the seventh largest metropolitan city of India, and has been the epicentre of Narendra Modi’s plans for Gujarat’s developments over the past years in which the city has seen tremendous rise in its infrastructural growth. New projects in Ahmedabad were just the start of city’s plans to over-power other metropolitan cities and to increase its rank. With Ahmedabad being the home various national and multinational organizations it is no brainer for Ahmedabad to possess a blooming Real Estate – commercial as well as residential. Ahmedabad is not only a mushrooming real estate and commercial centre but originally an industrial sector; the reason it is known as the Manchester of India is due to the presence of mills and other industries in Ahmedabad.

What’s in store for you in Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad has a huge variety and a budget efficient real estate market for an investor or buyer. Previously, Ahmedabad’s real estate dominantly consisted of individual bungalows and plots with no real property development. But with the new Gujrat model in the basket and other improvised plans to make the city bigger than ever this system has changed to construction of apartments with the most high tech facilities at the most moderate rates. This has resulted in various nationalized builders picking Ahmedabad as an ideal destination for construction of residential complexes and privatized cities. With facilities like: playing area, private swimming pools, high securitized complexes, theatres, religious places within the complexes, halls where events can be take place. In short, these facilities just indicate the desire of builders to provide modern and new flats in Ahmedabad but also see the comfort of the people and design modern houses according their convenience and affordability. With TATA affordable housing a new introduction to increasing list of developers in Ahmedabad, their names caries more facilities than just trust, their work has been phenomenal in other cities where state of the art facilities are available at “affordable” rates. New projects in Ahmedabad and change from individual housing to complexes have resulted in a huge increase in number of investors in the city.

Property Areas:

Properties are available at various prices for every end user. From a property worth 25 lakhs to 5 crores, for example. These new projects are planned on a wider scale and aren’t just constructed anywhere, making Ahmedabad are very planned and organized city. The satellite area is considered as one the most costly of areas in Ahmedabdad, though rightly it provides with the best of facilities considering the fact it is inside the city. Mostly all the areas a bit away from the city and takes maximum of an hour’s ride via rickshaw or bus to the main city. Transportation isn’t a problem; proper busses and rickshaw with well-maintained roads makes the ride smoother than ever.

Ahmedabad’s Real Estate in a nutshell:

Ahmedabad’s mixture of industrial, educational and commercial sector makes Ahmedabad an ideal residential real estate hub which has a huge growing demand. For example: just 5 months before, a friend of mine shifted to Ahmedabad from Mumbai because, property rates in Ahmedabad is less than Mumbai and they provide better facilities at the same rate with a much cleaner and calmer environment. With state of the art infrastructure and various national and multinational firms and educational institutes in store Ahmedabad is not short of a paradise.

Flats in Ahmedabad are all value for their money as the facilities that are provided with the apartments. The city’s been on a tremendous rise in the past 20 years or so, making the city an educational, industrial, commercial and most recently a residential power-hub.

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May 2, 2014

Financial management which contributes to everlasting wealth

Financial management plansOnce your income exceeds your outcome it is time to start thinking about clever financial management that will be efficient tool for wealth building. It is important not just save a certain sum of money and to preserve in a jar poste restante but to make each saved dollar work for you and to make more dollars. This is the point when you have to equip yourself with the knowledge of investment principles, strategies and tools, when you have to find a personal financial counselor, to take advantage of personal loan service, and to track situation on the market all the time.

Your daily activities may not leave you much time to pay it to managing your wealth especially if you have a business which demands 100% of your presence. But successful investment requires much technical knowledge, hours of meticulous analyzes and ability to predict the market. Catching this all is not an easy task that is why it is a great idea to find somebody who will professionally help you to manage your money. It is true that if you wisely choose a wealth management advisor today this will turn in high income tomorrow. It is much better to regularly pay some fee to highly skilled financial manager then to lose pile of cash while making mistakes due to lack of time or knowledge.

Picking up a good advisor is not as easy task as it may seem because except of knowledge this person should emotionally fit you. You may change several experts until you find one and the best. That is why it is important not to be afraid to refuse working with the person if you feel that your money is not in a safe place. Remember that this is you who should take charge of your capital and take all financial decisions. That is why you need to find a person who will provide you with trustworthy and relevant information on time. Here are some requirements that usually apply to any financial counselor:

  • Personal wealth manager should be aware of all lucrative investment opportunities which are presented at the market. The world is changing all the time and that means that opportunities may appear at any second. This is the task of the manager not to blow up the chance to multiply your capital.
  • Your advisor should always inform you about investment opportunities and market trends so that you could make the last decision. He should also suggest you the best strategies and to explain such choice so that you could understand what you are doing.
  • Personal advisor should be a professional in financial area and to have solid knowledge concerning economic principles and vehicles, multiplier mechanisms; he should also have ability structural analyze financial disclosure and to make relevant predictions.
  • Wealth manager should also have the ability to clearly express his thoughts, ability to understand and to consider your preferences to flexibly respond in challenging situations.
  • Using customized approach to you as a customer makes financial expert the most valuable investment that you would decide to do.

And the last thing which you need to remember is that financial manager is interesting in your wealth increasing when it comes to his interests. Don’t forget to generously reward your personal advisor if he succeeds to hit the jackpot. This will stimulate him doing it again and again and this will stimulate your wealth growing and growing.

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January 9, 2014

Easy Investment Hedging for the New Year

New year's investmentA sustained bull market has equity investors anticipating a lucrative 2014. A weak dollar and low interest rates are among several factors that bode well for corporate profits in the New Year.

With a low dollar, export driven companies can expand into overseas markets by competitively pricing their products. To raise money, companies can issue low coupon bonds that easily exceed the yields of low risk treasuries. Robust venture capital has non-traditional borrowers turning to Elliott Broidy and other financiers for needed capital.

The past several years have seen many investors chase returns and buy securities with the strongest short term performance. As a result, many investor portfolios have grown to reflect the broader market.

Fortunately, there are convenient ways to reduce the risk of a portfolio that moves in lockstep with equity markets. Beyond hedging, these investments may be suitable as mainstays in your portfolio.

Below are some strategies to consider:

Intermediate Bonds:

Low yields are posing challenges for income investors. Risk free treasuries offer safety but little income. The rock bottom treasury yields make it affordable for non-government bonds to compensate investors for added risk. Investors should also have perspective on the impact of interest rates rising in the future.

Bond maturities of 3 to 10 years offer an attractive hedge for several reasons. These bonds add negative correlation by mostly moving in different directions from the broader market. Intermediate maturities are also attractive when there is uncertainty about interest rates.

It is unlikely that short term rates determined by the Federal Reserve will head any lower. Similarly, when and if rates will rise is also uncertain. Intermediate bonds allow you to earn yield above that of shorter maturities, without the interest rate risk of long term debt, which would be battered by rate hikes.

For most investors, mutual funds are a convenient way to buy intermediate bonds. You should review the credit quality and interest rate sensitivity of bond mutual funds through Morningstar or Bloomberg.

Depending on your risk tolerance and income needs, international bond funds may also be an option. If you plan to draw income, interest payments from stronger currencies will be increased when converting into dollars.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs):

Do you want real estate exposure without the hassles and expense of owning investment property? You should consider exchange traded REITs as an affordable and liquid alternative.

These publicly traded securities are required by the IRS to pay out 90% of taxable income to shareholders. Income starved investors appreciate that many REITs currently feature yields over 6%, with some international options paying double digit yields.

Real estate is a volatile asset class that often moves separately from equity markets. However, the cash, financing and time needed is beyond smaller investors. Unlike owning real estate, REIT shares can be easily bought and sold. You can quickly take and unwind positions as investment goals or real estate markets change.

REITs also allow you to capitalize on demographic trends such as an aging population or healthcare laws. Investing in REITs that specialize in elderly care facilities or geographic regions with thriving real estate markets are examples of this.

To soften volatility, you may choose hybrid REITs that collect rent payments and also earn mortgage interest. With lending and rental revenue, a hybrid REIT is more poised to benefit from different real estate trends.

Low cost and the ability to diversify make ETFs or mutual funds suitable for most REIT investors. International REITs give you access to overseas property markets. Similar to overseas fixed income, dividend payments from foreign REITs may be increased in dollar terms. Your currency adjusted returns could also be higher during times of dollar weakness.


Portfolio rebalancing can include adding small doses of volatility to reduce the overall risk in your portfolio.

By considering the impact of a bull market on sector weights, market cap and asset exposure; you gain better perspective for changing conditions.

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October 23, 2013

Getting a no medical critical illness insurance quote

illness insuranceBack when life insurance first came out, when it was common to have salesmen come knocking at the door, the odds of dying young were higher than they are now. Many illnesses that are treatable now were often fatal. Men, and women, were concerned with leaving their families with nothing and shouldering the burden of funeral costs on their own. Because of the advances in medicine, many of the illnesses that used to be fatal are now curable. With these advances, though, come the costs of treatment and care. That is why it is important for people of any age to look into no medical critical illness insurance.

It is estimated that in 2013 alone, over 180,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer. Over 46% of men and 41% of women may develop cancer sometime in their lifetime, and while the number of new cancer cases per year increase, and the odds of having cancer have gone up. So to, have the odds of surviving. Breast cancer, for example, has seen a decrease in death rates by 42% since 1986. So, while more people are being diagnosed with cancer, the odds of beating it (depending on the type of cancer) have gotten considerably better. Because of facts like this, rather than simply focusing on life insurance, getting a quote for no medical critical illness insurance should be a priority for everyone.

No medical critical illness insurance coverage takes care of the costs that may not be covered under healthcare or private plans. Costs such as: childcare, lost wages, travel costs, mortgage payments or other bills. This type of insurance pays out a lump sum upon diagnosis and survival that can be used to cover whatever shortfalls there are. With no medical critical illness coverage, there is no need to have a medical; therefore, everyone may qualify for coverage regardless of health.

While many illnesses such as cancer, stroke, or a heart attack may not happen to someone in their twenties, the best time to look at no medical critical illness insurance is before issues come up. Critical illness insurance will not cover pre existing conditions, so by purchasing coverage when in good health and young you will have coverage for future illnesses and save money as well. When purchased earlier in life, rates tend to cheaper as the odds of having illness occur are lower at that time.

Being diagnosed with cancer no longer means dying from it. Every day more and more people are surviving illnesses once thought incurable. With over 87% of the Canadian populace expected to be diagnosed with cancer at least once within their lifetime, it is important to think about getting a free no medical critical illness insurance quote as soon as possible.

NoMedicalLifeInsurance.ca is an initiative of independent insurance expert Tamara Humphries and LSM Insurance. They have unique expertise in finding the best possible rate for no medical critical illness insurance their team has access to and uses the most up-to-date financial planning software from their insurance carrier partners. They focus on preparing the best possible package for each client’s specific situation and needs.

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