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November 27, 2014

A money savings offer you just can‘t resist

online free couponsHow often have you stared at something at whatever store, feeling that you want it, but you kept telling yourself ‘no ‘because the price is a bit too steep? You don‘t need the item, per se, but you‘d definitely purchase it if it didn‘t cost so much or if the budget at your disposal would be with a few more zeros. Quite a lot, I imagine. As a student, that happens to me a lot, and I‘ve heard other people complain about the same problems. Things are just too pricey nowadays, and there‘s nothing we can do to change that. Sometimes we just have to let go of something we want.

Though, I have a remedy for that. Ever hear about Overstock? Yeah, that place that‘s literally overstocked with awesome stuff? Well, it has these things called overstock coupons which will definitely make your day a bit brighter. Just picture this with me for a second – you‘re staring at let‘s say a new laptop. You have a laptop already, but the thing‘s so slow you feel like years pass by before your operating system loads, hence why you‘d love to get that hardware upgraded to something more recent. Alas, you figure the price is too high to invest in something you don‘t necessarily need. But oh, wait, a bright light starts shining from the ceiling on you like it‘s the Martians trying to abduct you. Yeah, Mars Attacks never gets old. Yet, suddenly and totally randomly, a 20% off overstock coupon appears in the palm of your hand. Huh, maybe now you can afford to buy the laptop after all.

Overstock has a large assortment of things that can prove to be useful in one way or another, and what makes the deal even more approachable are the available overstock deals at your disposal. Saving financially is something that matters quite a lot, especially if you‘re someone who has to support not only yourself, but others like relatives or family. You can‘t just put yourself in a position where you buy something for yourself and end up not being able to buy diapers for your kid. People depend on you. However, there are in fact loopholes to this, like the deals I mentioned. Buy what you want, and you‘ll have money to spare for others! Pampering yourself once in a while is always a good thing.

With Christmas and the New Years approaching, you might as well grab one or two overstock promo codes to buy those presents for your kids and wife (or husband). You don‘t want your wallet to be empty after the holidays, do you? And you surely don‘t want to buy something small and be called cheap by your colleagues or friends. Remember what I said about pampering yourself? Well, buying something extra special for your family works wonders too! Your son‘s in college, and he‘s about to rip his hair out of his head in frustration because his laptop is slower than a snail. Save him the trouble – buy him a new one. College is hard enough as it is without having to worry about a slow computer.

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November 19, 2014

Managing your finances as a self-employed worker

Finance for freelancerSelf-employed workers may be extremely focused and have an entrepreneurial spirit that will lead to business success but they are also notorious for being disorganized when it comes to paperwork. It really is not possible to be an excellent businessperson and an office administrator. Unfortunately, administration is the backbone of every business and it absolutely must be carried out on time and accurately for a business to maximize its profits.

Many self-employed workers or contractors actually find the financial side of their business intimidating and confusing. There are so many ways to set up a company and manage its finances, and many rules concerning the filing of company accounts and record-keeping.

A small business whose financial side is not managed correctly may find that it loses money and this can hit profit margins hard. Sometimes money is lost simply because a business forgets to invoice for work carried out, or because it undercharges. Suppliers and subcontractors will rarely chase up a late invoice.

Ask any accountant and they will tell stories about entrepreneurs who have months of receipts and invoices piled on their desk, check payments with no details of what the payment was for and receipts of funds into their bank accounts with no note of why they were paid. Couple this with the need to file tax returns correctly and on time and the result is an extremely chaotic office that acts as an anchor weighing down the whole business.

Taxation is one of the most complex areas for any size of business and keeping accurate records of all set-up and ongoing costs is vital to allow you to submit an accurate tax return after your first year of trading. Poorly-managed accounts often result in paying more tax than you should – you cannot claim expenses if you lose your paperwork.

Many employee benefits are tax-deductible such as life insurance and pensions. In fact, all HSA contributions are tax-deductible. Self-employed workers can also deduct from their tax bill the cost of disability and dental insurance premiums along with legal and liability cover. Few self-employed workers manage to claim all these expenses correctly.

Efficient business finance management requires both time and excellent organizational skills. There are several areas of financial administration where self-employed workers repeatedly fail, such as chasing invoices, pricing services and keeping up with tax matters.

Fortunately, there are many accountants that offer specific tax advice for contractors and some provide business administration as well as accountancy services. These are called umbrella companies and they provide a way for contractors and self-employed workers to receive help from qualified accountants with the financial and tax aspects of running their business.

An umbrella company essentially acts as an operating company for an entrepreneur, contractor or small business. The umbrella company manages all business finances from daily accounting and administration tasks through to the filing of annual accounts and management reports. The umbrella company manages all the accounts and pays you a salary so that you can focus on what you do best – running a great business.

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November 17, 2014

Management tips for tackling stress in your workplace during global recession

stress in economic recessionStress has become a big issue in the modern workplace, no matter what sector you work in, and the recent global economic recession has added to the strain that employees might be working under and that you, as their manager, have to deal with the fallout from.

Stress in the workplace manifests itself in a number of different ways. There can be a mood of general unhappiness among staff, resulting in poor productivity and workplace performance. Teamwork, critical to the effective functioning of a workplace, can be affected if one or more team members are under stress or if the whole team becomes stressed, leading to tension and arguments among colleagues who, under normal circumstances, would get along perfectly fine. Absenteeism can become an issue, with stressed staff members making excuses not to come into work or experiencing health issues arising from stress that prevent them from being able to come to work. A particular risk for employees working in a high-pressure environment is substance abuse. Employees might feel that they cannot cope with the stress caused by the workplace and turn to alcohol and drugs for quick relief. Someone under the influence of drugs at work poses a risk not only to themselves but also to those around them. Fortunately for management and employers, there are solutions available for combating potential substance abuse in the workplace. An oral fluid lab test is an easy way of determining if employees are under the influence of drugs at work.

Introducing such a program into the workplace requires the consent and cooperation of employees. If you are a proactive manager who engages positively with employees then you are in a position to persuade those working alongside you that a drug-testing regime is one that will be to the benefit of everyone. You have won the trust and support of your colleagues, and are therefore able to discuss a drugs testing regime in terms of the provision of a safe environment to work in. You will also be able to make the promise that anyone with substance abuse issues will be supported in their efforts to tackle those problems head on, and ultimately get their career back on track.

Causes of stress in the workplace can include the setting of unrealistic deadlines by management, a lack of communication between management and employees, and between employees themselves. Bullying, as well as the absence of teamwork, with individual staff members or managers feeling that they have to assume more responsibilities and work than they are capable of handling, can also be put under this category. It is vital that management identify possible sources of workplace stress and get to grips with them before they start to cause real damage to workplace morale and productivity.

In conclusion, it cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to initiate policies that deal proactively with workplace stress, to encourage employees to be forthcoming about any problems they might have, and to assure them that management takes those problems seriously and with the sensitivity that they merit.

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November 15, 2014

Do you look after your money?

All about moneyYou should think about this. Meanwhile I tell you a story.

One weekend my daughter was invited to the swimming pool with a friend’s family. The day was not so good for swimming because of the weather, however my daughter was enjoying it much.

But then she discovered that her money disappeared from her purse.

And she was not alone who did not find her money. A mother of her friend also had no money left. It might be done during the group was swimming and their bags were left unattended. But my daughter was quite lucky, because her iPhone was not touched.

When she returned home, we had a discussion that valuable things must not be left unattended. We reminded her that we always leave someone to look after our stuff, or lock it to secure, when we go somewhere. If you leave your things they can be easily stolen.

This was a simple example when a person did not look after her things very carefully.

So this returns us to my question. Do you always take care of your money? Or can you just allow someone take your things away?

Do you feel that using coupons is a shame or just not worth your attention? So in this way you let retailers take more of your money that it is necessary.

Do you forget to turn off your thermostat in order to save costs when you do not stay at home for weekends? Does it take much time or is it too difficult? In the same manner you can just throw away some dollars every week.

Do not you shop on sales just because you can afford buying things at their full price? It also means that you do not think how pricey your work is.

Do you take long-term credits if you know you can not pay them back? I was always a supporter of Direct Payday Loan Lenders UK at VitaLoans. It is much easier to return and they do not put you in the debt hole. So you should better think what to choose.

Do you watch all channels with your cable package or just pay for them? Nobody except you must monitor this.

Do you prefer only brand items and can not permit yourself to buy clothes and shoes in ordinary shops? I hope you feel cool about it, because it does not matter to anybody else.

Do you remember what plan package you have on your cell phone? But you should pay attention to this, because mobile phone providers often change the pricing system without notifying you.

Does it sound familiar to you to leave your money unattended? If you can catch yourself on any situations from the above, you must think about your money better. You should not forget how hard you work to earn them, and always respect your labour and money.

Please do not just give it away so easily. If you have too much, I can help you to respect it. (A joke)

So I ask you for the last time. Do you take enough care of your money? You should just begin doing this, and it will become a habit. It is not so difficult as you can imagine.

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