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Do you look after your money?

All about moneyYou should think about this. Meanwhile I tell you a story.

One weekend my daughter was invited to the swimming pool with a friend’s family. The day was not so good for swimming because of the weather, however my daughter was enjoying it much.

But then she discovered that her money disappeared from her purse.

And she was not alone who did not find her money. A mother of her friend also had no money left. It might be done during the group was swimming and their bags were left unattended. But my daughter was quite lucky, because her iPhone was not touched.

When she returned home, we had a discussion that valuable things must not be left unattended. We reminded her that we always leave someone to look after our stuff, or lock it to secure, when we go somewhere. If you leave your things they can be easily stolen.

This was a simple example when a person did not look after her things very carefully.

So this returns us to my question. Do you always take care of your money? Or can you just allow someone take your things away?

Do you feel that using coupons is a shame or just not worth your attention? So in this way you let retailers take more of your money that it is necessary.

Do you forget to turn off your thermostat in order to save costs when you do not stay at home for weekends? Does it take much time or is it too difficult? In the same manner you can just throw away some dollars every week.

Do not you shop on sales just because you can afford buying things at their full price? It also means that you do not think how pricey your work is.

Do you take long-term credits if you know you can not pay them back? I was always a supporter of Direct Payday Loan Lenders UK at VitaLoans. It is much easier to return and they do not put you in the debt hole. So you should better think what to choose.

Do you watch all channels with your cable package or just pay for them? Nobody except you must monitor this.

Do you prefer only brand items and can not permit yourself to buy clothes and shoes in ordinary shops? I hope you feel cool about it, because it does not matter to anybody else.

Do you remember what plan package you have on your cell phone? But you should pay attention to this, because mobile phone providers often change the pricing system without notifying you.

Does it sound familiar to you to leave your money unattended? If you can catch yourself on any situations from the above, you must think about your money better. You should not forget how hard you work to earn them, and always respect your labour and money.

Please do not just give it away so easily. If you have too much, I can help you to respect it. (A joke)

So I ask you for the last time. Do you take enough care of your money? You should just begin doing this, and it will become a habit. It is not so difficult as you can imagine.

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November 15, 2014 um 5:21 pm
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