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April 14, 2018

Tips to earn money in a legitimate way

other source of earningsExploring a few passive means of earning money isn’t bad for those that don’t want to opt for a second job. It’s quite natural for you to think of a consistent source of alternative income that won’t take the juice out of you. Even when you wish to create or join a platform that won’t prove to be taxing, you may need to put in your efforts right at the very beginning.

Consider few of the straight means of earning money as shown below:

Publish your book

Writing a book often lets you achieve a good amount of every sale after it gets published. Self-publishing of books is quite common nowadays; you can do it by checking the e-book options at large. Alternatively, you may get in touch with any publishing house.

Develop smart applications

Developing any smart-phone app has immense potential of earning money when a user downloads it. These apps can fetch a good amount of money as they get more popular with the target audience. Anything that you develop may get viral in no time!

Launch any static blog

Identify your areas of interest besides checking out things that tend to draw the attention of your target audience. Make the most of your website development skills in developing a website in these areas. It’s in your best interest to choose topics that may never get dated with your audience. You may even choose to host ads on a page wherein you have content worth good quality. A piece of content that’s always in demand can actually pay you back on time.

Submit a video on YouTube

Identify a few popular topics for shooting your videos. You may explore it as an opportunity to earn more by running ads on the more popular videos. Earning in seven figures has been a dream turned reality for video submitters on YouTube.

Take a few attractive snapshots

There are a few online sites that help you to sell photos. It’s actually a good ploy for those of you that are passionate about photography. If you’re an amateur, then you may test the water with sites like Shutterstock. For each downloaded image, you’re likely to achieve a commission worth up to $75.

Create your own graphics

Graphics and illustrations are often accepted by a few photo websites. For every download, you may earn a certain amount of money.

Be an insurance agent

By selling insurance policies, you may end up earning a handsome amount with each deal closure. Even when the policies are renewed by your customers, you’ll earn an extra commission.

Achieve stock dividends

Stock investments are among all natural ways of securing a passive income. These stocks yield dividends worth great percentages more frequently.

You must remember that every legitimate way of earning money takes you through a passing phase. It’s not like how easily you earn money in the casinos nowadays.

The ways mentioned above will help you create wealth without worrying much about how the legal authorities will perceive them. Leading a stress-free life is more important than pursuing money in an illegitimate way.

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March 2, 2017

How Digital Money Transfer affects Cash Management System in SME Banking

digital money bankingIn the recent years, there has been a surge in the number of e-commerce startups. This has resulted in a higher usage of payment gateways. These gateways are beneficial in developing customer trust through easier transactional capabilities.

A large number of studies show that the demand for reliable payment gateways will continue to rise. Businesses may choose from several gateway service providers to ensure safe, quick, and easy monetary transactions.

Digitalization of different processes, new payment platforms, and demand for finance provide challenges and opportunities to payment ventures operating in India. Here are four reasons for the growth of payment gateways in the country.

1. Increase in service providers that are taking advantage of opportunities with advanced technical apps
2. Extension of financial inclusion using mobile-based solutions
3. Newer innovations that are reaching the masses at quickly
4. Digitalization for the development of new lending and payment models

Traditional banks are adopting innovative payment-linked ecosystems for the convenience of their customers. Banks are especially providing specialized solutions for catering to the needs of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).Several mobile platforms allow payments across different categories, such as bill payments, shopping, and peer-to-peer payments.

Most of the large companies have adopted digitalization since many years. These companies conduct their various processes, such as accounts management, treasury management, and payments electronically. Such large enterprises consider advanced technologies while selecting their banking partners.

Importance of digitalization in the SME sector

In the last few years, most banks have developed cash management systems that are convenient for their customers. Almost every bank offers mobile-based cash management tools that are used by companies for not only managing their accounts but also initiating payments.

As larger companies embrace digitalization, the SME ventures still rely on cash and branch banking. The banks are offering several initiatives to encourage SMEs to move to digital platforms. One of these includes enabling merchants to receive card-based receipts using low-end mobile devices. This offers a non-cash alternative for several SME businesses. Another initiative benefiting many customer-orientated companies is the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) that makes transacting quick, transparent, and efficient.

Banks are offering several cash management services to help SMEs improve operational efficiencies. Here are four categories of such services offered by banks.

1. Management

• Optimal collection and payment systems on behalf of customers
• Wide network access, clearing infrastructure, special software, and correspondent banks’ tie-ups for timely and efficient operations

2. Products

• Receivables management
• Information technology (IT) solutions for customized multiple electronic payment mechanisms
• Collection of cheques in bulk
• Cheque purchasing facilities
• Management of post-dated cheques

3. Payable management

• Refund of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), interest and dividend warrants
• Bulk demand draft with entire correspondent banking network
• Remote printing of different instruments including cheques

4. Escrow services

• Availability of escrow depository accounts
• Dedicated team of legal and financial product personnel for assisting complex transactions
• Transaction structuring with lawyers, clients, or investment bankers
• Customization of reports and Management Information System (MIS) as per customer requirements

Streamlined processing mechanisms and real-time data integration make it easier for SMEs and large companies to gain access to various solutions as per their needs.

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September 16, 2016

How taking a Personal Loan against Fixed Deposits reduces your EMIs?

loans from depositsPersonal loan interest rates are not as low as home or education loan interest rates. So if there was a way to get a personal loan on rates lower than what are actually available, it can significantly help reduce the interest burden on the borrower.

There is indeed a way to reduce the interest rates on personal loans. This way is to take a loan against your fixed deposits. There are quite a few benefits of this. First of all, you don’t have to liquidate your deposits. Second is that generally, personal loan eligibility is dependent on your credit history, current income and ability to repay the loan. But in case of loan against FD, the lender won’t bother much about your credit history as he already has your fixed deposit as collateral.

The biggest benefit of loan against FDs is the lower rate of interest. Personal loan interest rates can easily exceed 15%. But a loan taken against fixed deposit charge interest rate that is just 3-4% more than the rate of fixed deposit. And this can significantly reduce your EMIs.

Let’s take an example.

Suppose you need Rs 3 lac as loan. You have a FD (earning 8% interest) but you don’t want to liquidate. So you decide to take a loan against it. Your lender is giving your regular personal loan at 16%. But as soon as you show intent to borrow against FD, the rates reduce to 11%. How does it impact your EMI given the repayment period is 3 years?

Your normal personal loan EMI will be Rs 10,547.

Your EMI for loan against FD will be Rs 9822.

Though this difference of few hundreds might look small, it can give you significant savings over the 3 year period. Calculations show that you can save more than Rs 26,000 in lower interest costs.

Do not forget that in case of default in loan repayment, the lender can foreclose your deposit to recover the outstanding amount. So do consider taking a loan against FD, if you want to lower your EMIs and also don’t want to liquidate your savings.

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November 17, 2014

Management tips for tackling stress in your workplace during global recession

stress in economic recessionStress has become a big issue in the modern workplace, no matter what sector you work in, and the recent global economic recession has added to the strain that employees might be working under and that you, as their manager, have to deal with the fallout from.

Stress in the workplace manifests itself in a number of different ways. There can be a mood of general unhappiness among staff, resulting in poor productivity and workplace performance. Teamwork, critical to the effective functioning of a workplace, can be affected if one or more team members are under stress or if the whole team becomes stressed, leading to tension and arguments among colleagues who, under normal circumstances, would get along perfectly fine. Absenteeism can become an issue, with stressed staff members making excuses not to come into work or experiencing health issues arising from stress that prevent them from being able to come to work. A particular risk for employees working in a high-pressure environment is substance abuse. Employees might feel that they cannot cope with the stress caused by the workplace and turn to alcohol and drugs for quick relief. Someone under the influence of drugs at work poses a risk not only to themselves but also to those around them. Fortunately for management and employers, there are solutions available for combating potential substance abuse in the workplace. An oral fluid lab test is an easy way of determining if employees are under the influence of drugs at work.

Introducing such a program into the workplace requires the consent and cooperation of employees. If you are a proactive manager who engages positively with employees then you are in a position to persuade those working alongside you that a drug-testing regime is one that will be to the benefit of everyone. You have won the trust and support of your colleagues, and are therefore able to discuss a drugs testing regime in terms of the provision of a safe environment to work in. You will also be able to make the promise that anyone with substance abuse issues will be supported in their efforts to tackle those problems head on, and ultimately get their career back on track.

Causes of stress in the workplace can include the setting of unrealistic deadlines by management, a lack of communication between management and employees, and between employees themselves. Bullying, as well as the absence of teamwork, with individual staff members or managers feeling that they have to assume more responsibilities and work than they are capable of handling, can also be put under this category. It is vital that management identify possible sources of workplace stress and get to grips with them before they start to cause real damage to workplace morale and productivity.

In conclusion, it cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to initiate policies that deal proactively with workplace stress, to encourage employees to be forthcoming about any problems they might have, and to assure them that management takes those problems seriously and with the sensitivity that they merit.

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July 21, 2014

Money Saving Tips for your Small Business

money for businessRunning any kind of business includes an element of risk, and this risk is all the more evident when you are running a small business. Considering the current economic climate, saving money has run to the top of many businesses’ to do lists, and it’s not actually as hard as you may think! Some of these tips are as simple as changing the way you use your phone system at work, and communication specialists like Com2 can help you save money by implementing a cheap and efficient telecommunication system. If you’re eager to hear some more, here are some more tips you might want to think about implementing in your business, as these simple steps will allow you to save a decent amount of money.

Buy in bulk

Buy essentials for the office in bulk, whether it be from wholesalers or your local office supplies store. These items include reams of paper, packets of pens, notebooks and even printer cartridges. Buying in bulk will normally get you a discount on these products, and will also increase productivity throughout the workplace –your employees will not have to waste precious time buying these essentials when you run out of them!

Don’t buy office furniture from retailers

There are now many other ways to get hold of furniture without having to pay a fortune. The advent of Craigslist and similar sites has allowed hundreds of people to sell their unwanted goods online, and this is the perfect place for you to score some normally expensive products for a relatively inexpensive price. Of course, always remember to be careful when you are dealing with strangers in an online forum.

Broaden your advertising horizons

Word of mouth is widely regarded as the most powerful form of advertisement, yet many businesses do not use this utility to the best of their ability. One way to increase word of mouth advertising might be through the introduction of a loyalty system whereby clients who refer new customers receive a reward of some kind. There are many other ways to boost this kind of advertising, especially considering the power of the internet and how fast news can travel through this medium. If your business has many different products, you might also want to try cross promotion – advertising more than one product at the same time, so as to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Use free products when you can

There are so many free tools out there that businesses can use to help them in their everyday tasks. Google provides free email, calendar and communication services, which may be cheaper than shelling out money for business branded emails, and there are many other task management platforms and templates that are also available for free.

These are just some steps you can take if you need to save money for your small business. Of course, these tips can be applied to larger businesses, as well as at home. It is always good practice to exercise caution when it comes to the spending of money, just in case something out of your control or unexpected happens to the business.

Now we want to hear from you. If you run any kind of business, whether it be large or small, what kind of things have you been doing to save money? In your experience, what has worked and what really hasn’t? Leave a comment down below and help out your fellow businessmen and women.

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