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November 17, 2014

Management tips for tackling stress in your workplace during global recession

stress in economic recessionStress has become a big issue in the modern workplace, no matter what sector you work in, and the recent global economic recession has added to the strain that employees might be working under and that you, as their manager, have to deal with the fallout from.

Stress in the workplace manifests itself in a number of different ways. There can be a mood of general unhappiness among staff, resulting in poor productivity and workplace performance. Teamwork, critical to the effective functioning of a workplace, can be affected if one or more team members are under stress or if the whole team becomes stressed, leading to tension and arguments among colleagues who, under normal circumstances, would get along perfectly fine. Absenteeism can become an issue, with stressed staff members making excuses not to come into work or experiencing health issues arising from stress that prevent them from being able to come to work. A particular risk for employees working in a high-pressure environment is substance abuse. Employees might feel that they cannot cope with the stress caused by the workplace and turn to alcohol and drugs for quick relief. Someone under the influence of drugs at work poses a risk not only to themselves but also to those around them. Fortunately for management and employers, there are solutions available for combating potential substance abuse in the workplace. An oral fluid lab test is an easy way of determining if employees are under the influence of drugs at work.

Introducing such a program into the workplace requires the consent and cooperation of employees. If you are a proactive manager who engages positively with employees then you are in a position to persuade those working alongside you that a drug-testing regime is one that will be to the benefit of everyone. You have won the trust and support of your colleagues, and are therefore able to discuss a drugs testing regime in terms of the provision of a safe environment to work in. You will also be able to make the promise that anyone with substance abuse issues will be supported in their efforts to tackle those problems head on, and ultimately get their career back on track.

Causes of stress in the workplace can include the setting of unrealistic deadlines by management, a lack of communication between management and employees, and between employees themselves. Bullying, as well as the absence of teamwork, with individual staff members or managers feeling that they have to assume more responsibilities and work than they are capable of handling, can also be put under this category. It is vital that management identify possible sources of workplace stress and get to grips with them before they start to cause real damage to workplace morale and productivity.

In conclusion, it cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to initiate policies that deal proactively with workplace stress, to encourage employees to be forthcoming about any problems they might have, and to assure them that management takes those problems seriously and with the sensitivity that they merit.

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March 1, 2013

Reasons to consider Professional Investment Management

Investment ManagementWith any type of long or short-term investment, there are always a number of risks that will effect the success of your investment. If you put too much money into one particular investment, of course, you stand to lose a large sum. Likewise, if you are perhaps too hesitant, and do not invest enough, your savings may very well become eroded by inflation. By seeking professional Investment Management advice, you will ultimately minimise the risks of your investment and gain some degree of protection for your capital.

Listen to The voice of Experience

Investing is often a complicated and complex procedure, and understandably, you may be concerned that your lack of market knowledge will result in a potentially large loss of capital. Professional Investment Management firms however, are decidedly experienced in their field, and with a detailed understanding of the current market, will utilise the latest advances in investment theory in order to secure your investments.

Peace of Mind for the Present and Future

To succeed as an investor, you must be able to dedicate a considerable amount of time to evaluating the market and keeping track of your investments. This will involve ongoing personal dedication, and a sizeable amount of paperwork. By entrusting your financial investment to experienced Investment Management professionals, you are not only providing yourself with more time and space for the demands of the present, but you are also helping to secure a potentially stable life for yourself and your family in the future.

Empowering you as an Investor

The main reason why people chose to hand over the responsibility of their investments to Investment Management services is that it provides them with far greater security and far less risk than if they had overseen their investments personally. However, the more ethical and supportive Investment Management firms will actually offer services to support your own understanding of your investments, allowing you to eventually take control yourself. Such an approach will allow you to eventually take back full control of your investments, with a superior understanding of investment strategy and a greater financial return.

Ongoing Personal Support

Naturally, you will want to stay up-to-date with the progress of your investments and will desire ongoing support and perhaps reassurance from those who you are entrusting with handling your investments. Investment Management firms are very appreciative of this and accordingly, offer continual support via phone calls, face-to-face meetings, online webcam meetings and email. The very best Investment Management services will extend their support throughout the weekend, in the knowledge that your concerns may arise at any given time.

Tailored to Suit You

If you are seeking investment guidance from a professional firm, the chances are you do not understand which investment choices are most suitable for you and your specific needs. Of course, professional services such as the Investment Management from Sanlam have extensive experience with clients of all backgrounds and will have specific tailored advice based on your personal investment needs.

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