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September 16, 2016

How taking a Personal Loan against Fixed Deposits reduces your EMIs?

loans from depositsPersonal loan interest rates are not as low as home or education loan interest rates. So if there was a way to get a personal loan on rates lower than what are actually available, it can significantly help reduce the interest burden on the borrower.

There is indeed a way to reduce the interest rates on personal loans. This way is to take a loan against your fixed deposits. There are quite a few benefits of this. First of all, you don’t have to liquidate your deposits. Second is that generally, personal loan eligibility is dependent on your credit history, current income and ability to repay the loan. But in case of loan against FD, the lender won’t bother much about your credit history as he already has your fixed deposit as collateral.

The biggest benefit of loan against FDs is the lower rate of interest. Personal loan interest rates can easily exceed 15%. But a loan taken against fixed deposit charge interest rate that is just 3-4% more than the rate of fixed deposit. And this can significantly reduce your EMIs.

Let’s take an example.

Suppose you need Rs 3 lac as loan. You have a FD (earning 8% interest) but you don’t want to liquidate. So you decide to take a loan against it. Your lender is giving your regular personal loan at 16%. But as soon as you show intent to borrow against FD, the rates reduce to 11%. How does it impact your EMI given the repayment period is 3 years?

Your normal personal loan EMI will be Rs 10,547.

Your EMI for loan against FD will be Rs 9822.

Though this difference of few hundreds might look small, it can give you significant savings over the 3 year period. Calculations show that you can save more than Rs 26,000 in lower interest costs.

Do not forget that in case of default in loan repayment, the lender can foreclose your deposit to recover the outstanding amount. So do consider taking a loan against FD, if you want to lower your EMIs and also don’t want to liquidate your savings.

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March 3, 2012

Easy as 1, 2, 3 – How to Apply for Auto Title Loans

Throughout the state of Arizona, consumers are discovering the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they can access the cash they need if a financial emergency should occur—even if they’ve had serious credit problems in the past. In order to qualify for car title loans, AZ residents need not undergo a credit check or extensive financial background investigation; instead, applications are considered based on the value of the vehicle and the ability of the applicant to repay the loan. This new approach allows even those with seriously damaged credit ratings to borrow the money they need by using their paid-for vehicle as collateral.

Application Requirements

In general, the application process is similar throughout Arizona, and it will not vary significantly for Phoenix title loans as compared to Tucson title loans or loans from other cities within the state. Most companies require that the borrower provide the following:

• A clear title to the vehicle

• Proof of comprehensive and collision insurance with a specified deductible amount

• Proof of employment and residence

• A valid driver’s license

• References

The borrower will be approved for a specific loan amount based on the value of the vehicle and the borrower’s current ability to pay. Auto title loans are usually of extremely short duration, but in some cases, they can be extended for as long as three years in order to allow the borrower to repay the loan more easily. The lender will retain the original title, which is used as collateral for the loan and must be surrendered to the company in the event that the borrower defaults on the loan agreement.

How It Works

• Step #1: Companies determine the borrower’s eligibility for an auto title loan online through a simple computerized application.

• Step #2: Once the borrower has been approved, he or she can simply deliver the title to the brick-and-mortar location of the title company, or if the lender allows it, the title can be sent by courier service to a centralized holding facility.

• Step #3: The company will retain the title and will disburse the needed funds as soon as is practical. If the title is surrendered in person, the company typically delivers the cash on the spot. For online applicants, the loan is usually disbursed on the day the title is received in the office, and the money can be in the borrower’s bank account as soon as the next business day.

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