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May 10, 2013

How to Obtain Zero Down Auto Loans with Bad Credit

96112591-guaranteed-autoObtaining zero down auto loans might seem impossible if you have bad credit but it can be done. You’ll just have to work a little harder when it comes to finding a perfect dealership that accepts bad credit. There could be 2-4 dealerships in your city that will accept bad credit so it’s always a good idea to call around. Ask some of your friends where they got their first car when they were younger and didn’t have good credit. They’ll give you a few places that you can use so cross your fingers that they are still in business.

In order to obtain a zero down auto loans, you can always get a co-signer. This is basically a person who will take responsibility for the vehicle if you do not pay. Being a co-signer is a huge job and most people will not want to sign because they don’t want to take the risk. So seriously, how can you get someone to sign for you? This is fairly easy – just ask one of your family members or a very close friend. There are some people who are willing to sign and they know where to find you in case you don’t pay up. This is why you should make sure you can get a car you can afford.

There are many cars available on the lot. Remember that you will have to pay monthly so the car can be anywhere from $150 to even $500. We don’t recommend paying $500 a month for a vehicle because most of the time, this will be out of your budget. Low payments are considered to be anywhere from $150 to $250. Middle range goes up to $350 while anything more than that might seem ridiculous for someone who is not expecting to pay a lot of money. Most cars that are brand new will be on the high end and this is why a used car is best.

To get zero down auto loans, you should be able to show a good proof of income. Since you have bad credit, the dealership will need to prove that you are working each day and that your income is more than the car payments are each month. Remember to write everything down accurately on your application, otherwise you could be denied. You obviously don’t want to purchase a car that you are not able to pay for. A car salesman will only show you cars that fit your budget and if you want something that is a little better like GPS or some car that is upgraded, this may be difficult to get.

Almost everyone pays a down payment at the dealership. Those with good credit don’t have to. Since you are a liability, you probably will have to put a down payment on the car. Now, you can always talk your way out of this. If you have an old junk car, you can always trade this for the down payment. Most dealerships will be able to accept these car and sometimes sell them for parts to other companies. They will look over your car and see if it’s worthwhile.

No one wants to give a down payment most of the time and some people will try to get around it when it comes to zero down auto loans. You can simply say to the dealer that you have good credit so you won’t be a problem in case something were to happen. They can work with you and even lift the down payment so you’ll be only paying for the car each month. A down payment is only used to protect the dealership in case anything happens to the car. People with bad credit will almost always have to pay a down payment before they actually get to drive the car anywhere but this is not the case for you so don’t let a car salesman push you for a down payment. Most dealerships can do without.

Overall, it is always a good idea to get everything organized before you walk into the dealership and demand cars with zero down auto loans. Gather up all of your income stubs and a recent credit report if you don’t want to wait for the credit approval process. You can also call them to give them your details and they can run the credit approval beforehand. Otherwise, you will need to wait a few days and this will delay the process of getting a vehicle so if you need a car quickly, always make sure you are prepared. By showing them all of your documents, they can give you a car without any down payment.

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May 8, 2013

Four Situations in Which Using a Credit Card is Not Advisable

Using a Credit CardYour credit card, while serving as a powerful tool for all your financial needs, can lead you to a world of trouble if you don’t use it the right way. Credit cardholders must avoid getting trapped in a deep hole called debt. However, they often find it hard to consider the immense amount of expenses, especially if a bank already gave them enough credit to just charge these costs. Moreover, this powerful financial tool can oftentimes be considered as the worst form of finance because of the fact that incurred debts are classified as unsecured. Also, they carry an interest rate that is higher than a home or car loan. Compared to other types of loans such as home mortgage or student loan, credit card debts are not tax deductible.

If you have a credit card, you don’t want to use it on certain things or events that could definitely spell disaster on your financial and economic standing. In fact, many experts say that you should not use it in these situations:

  • Paying for your college tuition. Using the credit card while in college is never good to begin with, because of the consequences that doing so may bring. Many college graduates have experienced dealing with credit card debt during their time at school, and their financial woes continue to pile up as they advance in age. For one, upon graduation from college, you might not be able to find a job at the soonest possible time, which would make it hard for you to earn income to pay off your credit card debt.
  • Paying for your wedding costs. In such a prolific event like a wedding, planning is a key priority. Saving for years with your soon-to-be wife or husband for the significant day is a very important way if you want it to be extra special and start your married life on the right track. However, you shouldn’t use your credit card in financing your wedding costs, as this will backfire, causing you newlyweds to deal with debt during your first few years of marriage.
  • Going on a vacation spree. If you are planning for a vacation, it is best that you save on cash money for your out-of-pocket expenses rather than using your credit card all throughout your out-of-state or out-of-country trip. Financing your trips through the use of your credit card will just create a mountain of debt upon your return.
  • Paying for your medical expenses. Dealing with the costs of your medical treatment can be very daunting, but that does not mean you should resort to using your credit card to finance them. Some health providers offer rate adjustments and payment plans that might be suitable for you.

Using your credit card is still important, but using at frequently and as a means of covering much of your finances is not good at all. Next time you encounter the abovementioned situations, think twice before dealing with your finances. Use your credit card in moderation, or suffer consequences along the way.

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