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January 16, 2012

Hermes completes its London based business property portfolio

Consulco Capital Real Estate Limited (CCRE) has now completed the acquisition of the final two investments for its London retail property syndicate, Hermes Properties Limited. Hermes has established a suite of 10 retail and restaurant business property investments, situated in buoyant central London locations.

Earlier in November, Hermes acquired a £27 million freehold portfolio in London Bridge, Central London, as part of its initiative to sell off trophy assets and further their interest in developments requiring active management. Hermes cited London’s resilience in the face of weaker global and domestic markets for its continued investment in the capital.In its latest move, Hermes has now acquired 442 Kings Road, in London’s West End, for £1.1 million, which comprises a retail/restaurant unit currently let to French vintners Nicolas.

It has also acquired a Tesco Metro store in Lewisham, south east London, which is let for 15 years, uninterrupted, for £900,000. The combined net initial yield of these properties stands at 6.0%. London Director, David King, said “These acquisitions mark the end of the investment period and in 12 months, with almost £20 million purchased, we have hit all our targets. We will launch our second syndicate early next year.”

Consulco opened a London office in January 2011, and existing deals for Hermes Properties Ltd have included properties in Poland Street (£2.4 million), Cannon Street (£2.31 million), Wardour Street, Great Queen Street, Greek Street and The Strand (£7.9 million together). These commercial properties in London are also expected to land a net yield of 6%.

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January 12, 2012

Why precious metals like gold are popular for investors

Clearly you’ve heard about the current economic climate, with banks failing or losing their credit ratings, big countries on the verge of going bankrupt, masses of government debt, etc. You’ve definitely heard it all. As a result, investors have become incredibly worried about what the world economy will look like over the next 5 years.

Consequently, it’s no surprise that there’s been an big increase with investing in valuable metals, such as silver, gold, palladium, and platinum. But why are investors so interested in metals? What is it about these metals that attract so much interest?

If you think about it, 99.9% of all investments are based on some concept, rather than an actual object. e.g. company shares don’t actually exist (not even on paper these days), they’re just a culmination of the perception of that company and how well they are doing. So the intrinsic share value is not based on anything physical. It’s not to say that shares are worthless, quite the contrary, just that they’re not a physical object.

Therefore the point is that investors like to think of their investments as something tangible. Metals are physical objects, and actually exist in the real world. Property exists in the real world, but decreasing house prices mean that investors are not investing in property anymore. Additionally, property is not a liquid asset, simply meaning it takes a long time to sell a property. Comparatively, selling metal is very easy and can be done within minutes.

A combination of metal being a real-world object, and being very easy to sell, precious metals such as gold are very attractive investment assets. If you think about it, gold has always been a desirable and attractive possession throughout the ages. However, there’s another fact that completes the reasoning why gold in particular has become so popular in the last 12 months. Gold is a scarce resource, and it’s increasingly tough to find. Gold isn’t really being mined anymore, it’s being chemically extracted. Therefore the gold we have now is pretty much all that we will have. Gold has always been a finite resource.

So why is gold so popular right now? It’s easy to sell, it’s easy to buy, it’s generally held it’s value over the years. Gold is being seen as a currency-neutral form of investment where its value is not subject to the media-induced hype facing our economies at the moment. If you can keep your gold secure, it’s definitely a safe place for your money at the moment.

This is a guest article by Mike Stirling who researches the precious metal markets, particularly the currently-increasing scrap gold prices.

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January 10, 2012

Your Solution to Unforeseen Car Maintenance

What do you do when your car suddenly starts emitting a rattling sound or a funny “feel” to it when you’re driving… and you just had it serviced 2 weeks ago? Many loan providers understand that car maintenance can be costly, especially if it is unforeseen. Thus, car owners may now take advantage of advancement from car loans and personal loans in the form of a product specific to car maintenance and repairs. Those for whom unexpected vehicle maintenance can be a budget catastrophe can rest easy knowing that they can turn to car repair loans for help.

Car repair loans are a quick, hassle-free way to get that extra cash needed when unexpected maintenance is required for a car. It can be used for car maintenance, car repairs, or just about any emergency maintenance needs that your car may develop. Surprises like these are wholly unwelcome!

All you have to do is to apply for the loan, and if everything in your application is in order, you can receive an immediate car repair cash advance. Many providers of car maintenance loans grant quick loans to vehicle owners who find themselves in a situation where they did not expect to spend any more than they already have on their vehicle.

Car maintenance loans like these are a great solution for the cash-strapped car owner. Instead of allowing the car to rattle on, possibly causing even more damage and thus exacerbating the problem, you can immediately have your car looked at and work out the payment soon after that. This can save the car owner a lot of trouble and worry as a car that is well taken care of would go further, both literally and figuratively, as compared to a car whose maintenance has been neglected. Furthermore, this ensures that your car meets safety and compliance regulations that allow it to stay on the road.

Car maintenance loans are also a great solution if you need to carry out unexpected car repairs in the unfortunate event of a car accident. Many times, an accident puts the owner in a dilemma, especially since no one ever saves up for a car accident. The car involved in the accident may not be road-worthy, yet very much needed for daily activities such as just getting to and from work, or sending the children to school and bringing them home again. Thus, car repair loans come in very handy in situations like these.

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January 9, 2012

Seek professional help to know time limits tax refund claims

Everyone is liable to pay taxes in some way or the other. On paying taxes you are actually helping your country to meet certain expenses. However most of us are hesitant when it comes to clear up our tax dues. There are times when a certain portion of the amount you have paid comes right back to you. Well this turns out to be a bonus for you. The amount you receive is called the tax refund. Tax refunds arise when the amount you have paid is actually greater the tax amount you were asked to pay; but claiming tax refund is not an easy. You need tax refund help to claim the amount. The following are the reasons for claiming the refunds:

Reporting extra income

Claiming tax credits

Filing status

Change exemptions

Claiming additional dependents

Prior to claiming the amount it is needful of you to consult a professional for tax refund help. There are certain meaningful factors to take into account before you actually proceed further with your claims. They are discussed below in the following lines:

Firstly you should clear your grounds of claiming the amount; on failure to do this you might land up at the loser’s end. This is because if the IRS under any case discards your claims you wouldn’t ever receive the amount even if you file a suit in the court. They wouldn’t consider your requests and your pleas would fall in deaf ears.

Your claim should be backed by proper and original documents. If you fail to provide the authorities with adequate documents and data you wouldn’t be able to realize your tax refund claim.

As a claimant you must seek tax refund help from professionals who are experienced in dealing with such kinds of issues. If you aren’t aware of the time limits involved in tax refunds, ten you need to know certain fundamentals. It is important that the claimant abides by the time limit.

The IRS considers a postmark that is earlier than the date of filing for tax refunds. The due date considers extension to the date of filing. Remember that the mailing service considered here is the one which is controlled by the Government itself.

You can claim the amount within a time period of 2 years from the time you have paid the tax bills. You may also be refunded within 3 years after you have filed for the same. In case you file for a joint refund where your spouse’s claim is also involved and your wife/husband’s claim is declined by the IRS because of certain debts then the time period involved is 6 years.

Sometimes the tax payer might be a physically or mentally challenged person. In such cases the time limits allowed to these individuals are suspended in nature. However, the impairment should last for more than a year. Time limits come into action when the individual has a guardian to take control over his financial issues. Therefore, it is essential that you seek tax refund help from professionals.

Kyla smith is a writer by choice and profession offers a comprehensive idea on all issues about Tax. If you want to seek the best tax refund help? You need to consult companies rendering the best Tax refund help. The professionals would see to it that you receive the amount in full.

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January 4, 2012

An overview of student loan default

We all dream of growing big someday. Sometimes the dreams break due to various reasons. Peer pressure and financial constraints are major concerns when you are looking forward to expanding your career prospects. Today student loans are designed to cater to educational needs. Financial support is essential when you want to pursue a specialized course which demands hefty charges. Well in most cases the young borrowers fail to repay the amount on due date due to unemployment or other financial reasons. Student loan default is a common phenomenon faced by a major section of the population.

What is deferment?

Deferment is a popular option for those who fear a defaulted loan status. Deferment enables a student to repay the amount at a later date. However, in such cases the borrower needs to legally request the lender to allow him deferment. Loan deferment is also termed as economic hardship. Most of the times individuals requesting for a deferment can be the following:

A student of high school

An unemployed individual

An individual from the defense community

Student loan default can turn out to be severe

In any case a borrower under legal terms is subject to repay the amount he secured from the bank or financial institution for educational expenses. While applying for the loan, the student has to enter a contract whereby he promises to repay the amount within the stipulated period. Yet, most of the times individuals fail to pay back the amount due to lack of finances or unemployment. If you are one of those who is finding it tough to meet both ends and is unable to repay the loaned amount, then deferment is the right option to stay safe. A defaulted loan status can cause havoc to financial status. Not only are credit ratings hampered but your credit history gets ruined as well. In course of which you wouldn’t be allowed to get financed in forthcoming years.

In most cases student loan default, the borrower after completing studies fails to get a desired job. However, applying for a deferment is far better than being stamped as a loan defaulter. The hardship petitioner has to prove that under any circumstance he wouldn’t be able to bear expenses for even low standard of living.

The occurrences followed by a default

A student loan default status hinders every possibilities of getting a financial help from banks or other institutions in the near future. Moreover you would be allowed economic hardship once you enter the status of defaulter. Situations may turn worse for you as the lender may take legal steps or seek help of a loan recovery agency in order to realize the amount.

The lender may go as far as taking legal help to sue you. Being an employed borrower you can even opt for Administrative Wage Garnishment where the employer of your company would deduct 15% of your salary and send it to the desired address as loan repayment. Student loan default is a major issue, which needs to be solved immediately. So, it is better that you don’t delay before you actually suffer from a defaulted status.

Kyla smith is a writer by choice and profession offers a comprehensive idea on all issues about loans. Student loan default is a major problem faced by the young generation. Banks and other financial institutions offer academic loans to aspirants. However, most of the times they fail to repay the amount leading to student loan default.

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