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An overview of student loan default

We all dream of growing big someday. Sometimes the dreams break due to various reasons. Peer pressure and financial constraints are major concerns when you are looking forward to expanding your career prospects. Today student loans are designed to cater to educational needs. Financial support is essential when you want to pursue a specialized course which demands hefty charges. Well in most cases the young borrowers fail to repay the amount on due date due to unemployment or other financial reasons. Student loan default is a common phenomenon faced by a major section of the population.

What is deferment?

Deferment is a popular option for those who fear a defaulted loan status. Deferment enables a student to repay the amount at a later date. However, in such cases the borrower needs to legally request the lender to allow him deferment. Loan deferment is also termed as economic hardship. Most of the times individuals requesting for a deferment can be the following:

A student of high school

An unemployed individual

An individual from the defense community

Student loan default can turn out to be severe

In any case a borrower under legal terms is subject to repay the amount he secured from the bank or financial institution for educational expenses. While applying for the loan, the student has to enter a contract whereby he promises to repay the amount within the stipulated period. Yet, most of the times individuals fail to pay back the amount due to lack of finances or unemployment. If you are one of those who is finding it tough to meet both ends and is unable to repay the loaned amount, then deferment is the right option to stay safe. A defaulted loan status can cause havoc to financial status. Not only are credit ratings hampered but your credit history gets ruined as well. In course of which you wouldn’t be allowed to get financed in forthcoming years.

In most cases student loan default, the borrower after completing studies fails to get a desired job. However, applying for a deferment is far better than being stamped as a loan defaulter. The hardship petitioner has to prove that under any circumstance he wouldn’t be able to bear expenses for even low standard of living.

The occurrences followed by a default

A student loan default status hinders every possibilities of getting a financial help from banks or other institutions in the near future. Moreover you would be allowed economic hardship once you enter the status of defaulter. Situations may turn worse for you as the lender may take legal steps or seek help of a loan recovery agency in order to realize the amount.

The lender may go as far as taking legal help to sue you. Being an employed borrower you can even opt for Administrative Wage Garnishment where the employer of your company would deduct 15% of your salary and send it to the desired address as loan repayment. Student loan default is a major issue, which needs to be solved immediately. So, it is better that you don’t delay before you actually suffer from a defaulted status.

Kyla smith is a writer by choice and profession offers a comprehensive idea on all issues about loans. Student loan default is a major problem faced by the young generation. Banks and other financial institutions offer academic loans to aspirants. However, most of the times they fail to repay the amount leading to student loan default.

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