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5 Investor Tips to Pick the Right Fund Administration Provider

Right Fund AdministrationLooking for a quality and professional fund administration service but don’t know where to start? Whether you choose to go big or small, good communication, technological expertise, qualified staff and reputation are all important factors to consider. Read our 5 tips for picking the right fund administration service provider for your investment success.

1. Fund Administration Services: Go big or go small

Fund administration services can be divided into two types. You can choose to go with a larger established investment firm, or, you can choose an independent fund administration provider.
Though not immediately noticeable, there will be a difference in the way firms that focus on fund administration as their core business conduct fund administration services as opposed to larger investment firms offering fund administration as a branch of their business deal with clients. In the end though, fund administration providers will be judged by their ability to deliver accurate NAVs on time.

2. Reputation in Fund Admin Circles

The role of fund administration providers is to act as a representative of the fund and to liaise with investors in the fund. As interaction is the core of fund administration services, the fund administration providers you choose to go with should have good industry reputation with the fund administration services on offer.
Do the necessary legwork to make sure the fund administration providers you hire are reputable; collecting references from previous or current fund administration clients if necessary.

3. Technology for Fund Administration Services

The technology used by fund administrators is integral to the fund administration services they provide. It is important that fund administration providers not only have the latest fund admin technology, but know how to use this fund admin technology to the greatest advantage for your fund.
Ensuring that your fund administration provider is well equipped and experienced in using the latest technology is crucial so that all fund administration services are covered and NAVs are delivered to investors on time and with the latest data sets.

4. Quality of the Fund Admin Staff

A great fund administration company with poor support staff is a doomed fund administration service. Make sure the fund administration provider has a well-trained, experienced and more importantly, qualified staff. You need to trust your fund administration providers to deal with all clients professionally, and this applies from start to finish.
The technical component of fund admin aside, fund admin is a service role. Keeping investors informed and happy is the main role of fund administration services. To get great feedback, the quality of fund admin staff has to be all round.

5. Great Fund Administration is all about Great Communication!

The key to a successful relationship with fund administration providers is clear and direct communication. During your due diligence, find out how your fund admin providers communicate with investment managers post engagement, as this is a make or break factor for fund administration services on the whole. This way, you can ensure that you get a professional and reliable fund admin service.

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May 21, 2013 um 6:02 am
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