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5 Skills A Good Financial Consultant Must Have

Financial helpAnyone who is serious about their money needs a professional financial consultant to advise them on their personal finance. Many people simply need a little extra help, as not everyone is an expert on financial issues. Financial advisors give advice concerning investment strategies, mutual funds, bonds, and stocks. A good financial consultant is invested in your best interests, and wants to help you move on from your debt and budging issues. Meredon Consulting have created a list of five skills a good financial consultant must have, in order to look out for their clients best interests for the future and maximise their savings.

Education And Certification

A good financial consultant needs a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or business. Knowledge of information such as estate planning, insurance investments, retirement planning, and risk management are extremely important. You don’t necessary need a certificate from the Financial Planner Board of Standards, as there is little government regulation of the industry, however certification can give your clients peace of mind and assure them you operate by a standard code of ethics. A master’s degree is useful of you want to work for a financial; firm rather than setting up your own personal business.

Extensive Knowledge

It is an extraordinary fact that many financial consultants don’t actually know a whole lot more than anyone else when it comes to the stock market. They might know why prices fluxuate, and have many theories, but they aren’t 100% sure. A good financial consultant will tell you of their uncertainties while giving you confidence and putting you in the best possible position to succeed.


No matter what industry you’re in, and especially when money is involved, customer service is extremely important. Your clients will be expecting your complete attention, so you need to return their phone calls and remain attentive at all times. Meet with your clients as regularly as you can to establish rapport.

Relationship-Management Skills

It’s important to have successful people skills and be able to understand different personality types, how to resolve conflicts, how to educate people, and how to counsel clients. Clients need an unbiased financial consultant who understands their personal needs and knows how to help them make financial decisions.

Skills, Interests And Qualities

To become a financial adviser, you will need to have significant skills, interests, and qualities that relate to your clients. These include an interest in financial products and markets, the ability to explain complex information clearly and simply, excellent communication and listening skills, accuracy and attention to detail, the ability to analyse and research information, good sales negotiation and report writing skills, determination and motivation to meet targets, good mathematical and computer skills, and discretion and a trustworthy manner.

Financial planning is a challenging career that requires a wide range of knowledge, skills, and abilities. These five skills are important for a good financial consultant to know and understand in order to operate in a professional and successful manner.

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October 21, 2013 um 8:35 am
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