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6 Great Tips for Saving on Groceries

The average household would probably say that food is the biggest expense they have.  This is why you have enter the grocery store with a plan.  The advice below will put you well on your way to saving big and spending less!

1. Create a List
Many people mess up by not creating a list.  They may have a couple of things in mind, but they really may not know where all of this stuff is located.  This means they have to go down aisle after aisle looking for what they need, picking up more along the way. Another, even safer, form of insurance is sticking to a budget. And I don’t mean “I’m only going to spend $50.” I mean only taking $50 in cash and leaving your wallet in the car. Or better yet, at home!

2. (Double) Coupons
Many stores offer double coupon discounts (usually during the middle of the week) on their products.  Please don’t let this opportunity pass you by.  A store that offers double coupon discounts can help you cut your grocery bill literally in half. There are all types coupons, which you can find in newspapers and on the internet.  Do a google search for anything and everything + the word “coupon” “deal” “promo” or “discount.”

3.  Brands
There’s no need to spend all your money on name brands.  Generic brands of many products are very similar.  Sometimes you won’t even know the difference.  The only difference is that the name brand might look a little fancier. Don’t get caught up in the pretty packaging though!

4. Sales
Don’t overlook sales! You may be missing out if you are totally in your own world and never branch out.  Sometimes a bigger box of cereal may cost less than the smaller box that you usually buy, and who knows, you might like it more too! It’s hard to explain why sales like this exist, but forget about the rationale behind this.  Just buy it! But don’t also buy the product you normally buy, or that’ll defeat the whole purpose.

5, Stay Strong
Many people have heard of impulse buys at the checkout lane. This includes things like magazines, gum and candy bars.  Consumers should avoid these, but they are not the only things that throw your grocery store budget off track.  There are many things throughout the grocery store that can make you spend much more than you anticipated. To avoid this, stay out of places like the snack aisles or the bakery, unless you need something specific from there.

6. Try a New Item
New items pop up all the time.  Companies make it their business to drive consumers towards these products with discounts.  Take advantage of it.  They may cost much more once they have become established items, but for now,  ride the wave and get them while they are cheap.  You don’t always have to buy the same beverage or brand of chicken!

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February 29, 2012 um 6:42 am
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