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Business credit score

Many new business owners think their business credit score is just numbers that fluctuate. Well it is much more, your business credit score can make or break you financially. Your credit score is numbers that tells lenders how well you have been at paying your bills and helps them to determine if they would like to offer you a loan. A low credit score lowers your chances but with a high credit score you are open up great financing options to your business.

What is a Business Credit Score?

Your business’s credit score is number that shows lender just how well you have been at meeting your payments and how heavy your business debt is. Lenders or other agencies looking to do business with you can take a quick look at your business’s credit score and determine if they would like to offer you a loan or what type of loan you would qualify for. Your credit score lets these lenders know if your business is a good risk or not, if your worthwhile to invest in.

The Importance of A Good Business Credit Score

In our ever changing economy lending is not what it once was, today your business needs a high credit score just to be considered for a business loan. The higher your credit score the more financing benefits you will have such as low interest rates, better terms and conditions, larger loan amounts as well as better odds of approval.

How to Maintain A Good Business Credit Score

Keeping track of your businesses finances, not over borrowing and making large payments early or on time is great for your credit rating. Your credit score is based off your business payment history and borrowing history so if your business borrows beyond your means and makes minimum payments late or not at all your credit score is going to suffer. To keep a good clean credit score keep up your finances with on time or early payments for over the minimum amount, then you can sit back and watch your score increase as well as increase your businesses financing options.

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June 13, 2012 um 8:14 am
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