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Forex education- what are ‘pips’ in forex trading

If you are new to the word of Forex trading, then read on here. First of all, forex trading is a shorthand way of saying foreign currency exchange trading. In the introductory video to forex trading, which you can watch below, you will receive a simple overview of this form of investing. As you will see, a lot of investors do not participate in this form of trading, but maybe they should.

Where’s the Money in Trading Currency?

Maybe the extent of your knowledge about currency stops at the currency exchange, as in “How many shoes can I buy in Britain if the US dollar is trading at 1.52 for every British Pound?” Currency trading is the art of making money on the spread of going between currencies.

Basically, currency is factored out to the fourth decimal place. That is where most of the gains and losses will appear. In that fourth decimal space is the one-one-hundredth of a percent, also called pips. Now you know what a pip is.

As with any securities and commodities trading, currency trading has no guarantees. It is all about learning a new way of investing while making sure you can afford to lose the money you put out for trading purposes. There is an interesting term used to describe gains or losses that is unique to forex trading.

Starting Small in Forex Trading

Plenty of big fish are in forex trading, which mostly consists of larger banks. As an individual investor it may feel both exciting and intimidating to start out as an investor. Did you know that large banks aid businesses who need to make exchanges of goods across international borders in their conversion of value from one currency to another?

Anyhow, the reason for mentioning this is that even the professional traders have a tough job. They do not all make money all the time. This is one piece of information to keep you going, especially as you are just starting out here. Instead, take time to learn the nuances of technical analysis. Learn to read charts, what they may indicate and how that might impact your present investment strategy.

From there, be sure to master the trading platforms and systems that are available to you as an individual forex investor, because it maximizes these tools. Learn to read graphs and determine pips to chart progress, click here to learn more about moving averages and reading graphs.

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November 23, 2013 um 6:03 am
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