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How Companies Benefit from Business Accounting Services

In today’s competitive environment business accounting services are essential for firms, in order to stay ahead of the curve. Keeping a record of all transactions for example bookkeeping services allows firms to assess their current performance which then forms the ideal platform to forecast budgets and plan for their future growth strategies. These entries are consolidated to form Financial Statements which reflect crucial information such as sales, debtors, creditors, liquidity etc. These then can be compared to industry wise figures and past years’ figures to analyze business performance. Through this, business accounting services assist in the firm functioning efficiently.

Business Accounting Services – Crucial for Start up Companies

Business accounting services provide newly-launched firms the model support they need to grow and flourish. They advise firms on the most efficient ways of financing their venture and also offer assistance in obtaining finance. Obtaining funding has many hurdles to it, especially in today’s financial market as financial institutions tend to be averse especially towards new small businesses.

Start-up firms typically have a choice between debt and equity financing, and the accounting firm handles the responsibility of analyzing available options. This includes an extensive study of the industry as well as the the financial position of the owners, following which the best alternative is suggested.

For example, if the new entrepreneurs of the new company are financially strong and have cash available for investment, then debt financing might be the way forward since money can be borrowed against liquid assets. For industries which are profitable but cash inflow takes time to kick in, equity finance might be the best way to go about, as cash may not be sufficient at an early stage to service debt and mark up.

Business accounting services also guide start up companies regarding the business structure that suits their specific industry the most. From a tax perspective, this is crucial because different business structures have varying tax obligations. Business structure also has an effect on the paperwork in the company, personal liability and the company’s ability to raise money. Therefore this decision is crucial and the accountants ensure the journey begins on the right track. It further helps start-up companies by formally registering their business and assists them in obtaining bank accounts.

Business Accounting Services – A Stepping Stone For Established Companies

Apart from providing bookkeeping services, business accounting services construct financial statements and prepare reports on performance, profitability and liquidity and help firms efficiently manage their payroll. Additionally, the firm also manages and provides employers with data on former and current employees and if required also help screen potential employees

Tax season is usually a nightmare for all companies, whether new or established. As a result, there is nothing more comforting than having tax calculations taken care of, which allows entrepreneurs to concentrate on the core functioning of the business, and on making it more profitable. Tax services include payroll taxes, taxation on company assets such as properties and cars, capital gains tax etc.

As part of the package, payroll taxes are also handled which are either levied directly on employers as a proportion of the salary payout or employers are required to withhold and thus income taxes at source. In either case, the service ensures smooth and efficient functioning and helps the untrained businessman avoid legal complexities and technical jargon.

On a personal level, business accounting services helps seasoned businessmen improve their work life balance which reduces stress levels. They enable the business to plan for the future and explore new ideas. They work on the business rather than “in” it and hence have a fresh perspective. This in turn gives rise to innovative ideas allowing the business to succeed and achieve various milestones.

Anthony Azevedo, CPA is the managing member of EZCFO a bookkeeping company focused on business accounting services.

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