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Know Your Credit Card Data And Save Money

If you have several credit cards that you use frequently you may find yourself with an unexpected charge or a late charge because you are not aware of a change in one or all of your credit card provider’s policies or charges. A single late fee or an added service charge can cause you unneeded and unnecessary credit problems.

Credit data is not just a matter of your current balance and available credit. You need to have current updates about your APR (Annual Percentage Rate) changes to your APR, due date for new charges to your cards, late fee charges, credit limit changes, deposits, and due dates for each card you have and use.

This information can help you avoid extra unnecessary late fees and keep you advised of what you Credit Card Company is doing to make money using you as their source of income.

Businesses need credit data like the number of transactions per day, payment due dates, alerts to high transactions, and an up to the minute transaction summary with details to manage their cash flow and insure profitability.

Individuals and businesses need a single website to go to check all their credit cards and get all the unique credit card data they need to know for every credit card they own and use. You need credit card data provided to you that is timely and fresh and provides you with all the information you need to make informed choices and avoid paying extra fees that you do not know are coming.

Credit data like new bill notification, bill due notification, balance limit near 80 percent, balance limit near 90 percent, and balance limit breached can alert you to take action that saves you money.

APR rates can change on a daily basis and a surprise change in APR can wreck even the most carefully planned budget.

Fresh credit card data updated on a weekly basis that covers every major credit card and all the credit card data you need to know to keep your credit card from causing you a credit problem or even a bad mark on the big three credit reporting agencies is essential.

If you own or use several different cards finding all the credit data you need to manage your credit cards successfully can be a real chore if you have to look at every card site individually and hunt for the data you need. Most credit card companies are really good at hiding the information. They have a reason. The reason is making money from you.

One place you can go to get all the credit card data you need to make informed choices with up to date information is pageone.com. You will find all the major credit cards with an easy to understand updated listing of all the credit card data you need to manage your credit cards to your advantage. This is the only site on the Internet that provides all the data you need for your individual or business credit card accounts. This assessment is based on pageonce.com user statistics.

Knowing and using credit card data intelligently has many advantages

Knowing when a bill is due has several advantages. You avoid late fees of course but there is more. You can time the payment of you bills so that you maximize the amount of interest your money makes in your checking or savings account. Paying a bill at the very last minute means credit card companies do not get to use your money to make money. You get to use your money to make money.

Knowing when bills are due and how close you are to your credit limit keeps you from going over your credit limit. One late fee can change the APR and the credit limits on every card you have as soon as a credit reporting agency updates your file with a let charge and spreads the news to every credit card company you have a card with.

Knowing when a change in fees, APR, and charges has occurred with your credit card puts you ahead of the curve compared with most people. This means no surprises on your next credit card bill and no paying extra fees.

Credit card companies want your money from added fees but you do not have to ever pay a surprise fee again. You just need to have a timely adviser that lets you know when new fees and charges have occurred.

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July 10, 2012 um 4:32 pm
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