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News of people becoming less interested in stock trading

Dealing wisely with your money and finances is really a difficult task to do. It requires some special risk taking skills and acumen. Some people are naturally blessed with such skills and talent while others gain it gradually through experience. When it comes to stock trading, not every person is able to get the good results and earn a large amount of profit through investing. It involves some decision making skills. The profit and loss sometimes becomes highly unpredictable. The conditions of stock market can be changed in no time. However, there are some people who are sharp enough to sense the changes before they actually occur. These smart people are able to be successful in stock market and trading. Some people who are involved in the business of stock trading often seek help through expert stock brokers who are professional in this field and can give them a better advice in order to increase their profits.

Due to the recession and increasing inflation nowadays in all around the world, people are becoming less inclined towards stock trading. This business requires people to invest a large amount of money. In some cases they are able to gain a lot of profit while in some unfortunate cases they have to face a devastating loss. This is why according to the latest news and surveys, it has been found that majority of the people in this world and especially belonging to Western countries of America and Canada are no more willing to invest in stock market in the year 2011. This is because of the great loss they have been suffering since the year 2009. People of ages from 35 to 70 are quite less interested in the stock market these days.

Around 60% of the people have now become hopeless due to their activities and loss in stock trading while more than 40% have planned never to invest in the stock market again. However, there is still a ray of hope left in some other people. Around 25% of people are still willing to invest this year and the rest of people have plans to invest their money after a year or more.

It is noted that the years from 2000 to 2002 were regarded as the era of grand recession in those countries. It was indeed the bear market those days. However, the years onwards were quite better except the year 2008 which proved to be quite devastating. The year 2008 made many of the risk takers scary of the stock market.
It should be noted that the results of statistics and surveys are quite approximate and they always contain some errors. However, they are still used for estimating the future conditions. The financial crisis prevailing in the countries have become a hindrance for the people who used to like to invest and earn profit through stock market. Though the present situation is not good but some optimistic persons are still looking to have a brighter future ahead that will lead to financial stability and prosperity.

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August 11, 2011 um 5:01 am
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