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Show your online business presense this financial year by creating new website

Getting to grips with setting up a business website can be a daunting prospect. With over a third of the world’s population now using the World Wide Web, the way you present your company and run your website can be a vital factor to your success.

From your domain name and digital certificate, to social media, SEO and subdomains protected through SSL Wildcard, the array of elements to take into account when building up your site is phenomenal.

First and foremost, purchasing your domain should be a priority. Try to secure a memorable address – ideally your business name, containing less than ten characters. If both .com and .co.uk domains are available, it is worth owning both, and pointing the second over to your preferred domain – giving you ownership of the domain as a brand.

Once you have obtained your domain name, consider purchasing a digital certificate. This will give your customer base an added sense of security when browsing your website. Obtained through a trusted Certificate Authority, such as Symantec, a digital certificate will authenticate your identity and encrypt all sensitive data passed between browsers and your server.

SSL Wildcard can offer security on multiple subdomains under your primary domain. Web users are consistently seeking a streamlined and efficient Internet experience, and subdomains can make your website far more efficient. Whether you want to send credentials directly to your mobile-optimised site or to create direct page links, building in subdomains will enhance the usability of your business website.

As well as ensuring your website contains effective, SEO enhanced copy, it is also essential to pick up to five key SEO terms and have these running throughout key elements of your website. This will significantly improve your search engine ranking and make your business more visible to potential customers who use your key phrases as search terms.

Optimise your business website today with a digital certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority.

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January 25, 2013 um 4:58 pm
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