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Key areas to save money during car ownership

car money savingAs with most major expenses, cars will not only have you shelling out on the immediate cost, but will also force you to spend more and more during the time you’re in ownership and so being able to limit expenditure is imperative.

Remember that a car takes a lot of maintenance, as well as the constant need for fuel and the odd top up of oil; but it is the requirements of services and yearly check-ups that can cost into the hundreds and really put a strain on your finances.

There are ways for each stage of car ownership where you can find ways to be able to save money, even when buying the car in the first place, as well as bringing down fuel costs, road tax (if in the UK)and maintenance costs.


  • Never ever pay the window price, every car has a target price and you should aim to get a slight percentage off of the price the showroom is suggesting. Look online for the guide price of the car(s).
  • Look around to see what you should be getting for your car if part-exchanging. Check ads for cars similar to yours and what they are being valued at, as well as remembering back to what you spent on it when you bought it and whether you have added value over the years with new parts.
  • If you’re in the market for a new car, but aren’t worried about the likes of garnishing it with endless optional extras that can rack the price up by a few hundred if not thousand, then ask the dealer whether they have anything new on the forecourt that is a more basic model. This also allows you to get the car earlier, instead of having to wait for it to be built at the factory.
  • Try to get a deal that has a few extra benefits thrown in such as free servicing for five years or a years’ worth of free insurance, interest free APR deals are also well worth keeping an eye out for.
  • For those after a new fleet car, first of all get looking for a frugal motor that is perhaps diesel-powered as opposed to petrol and then look to get a fuel card to hand from somewhere such as FCSICard.com in order to save on your VAT.
  • If you’re a young driver and are considering your options in terms of insurance, try to get your parents or someone with a great deal of driving experience as a named driver which should help bring your premium down.

This is an article from FCSI Card fuel card supplier for fleet drivers in Portugal and around Europe.

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December 17, 2012 um 1:12 pm
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