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January 22, 2012

Deferred Annuities Helps you Keep Smiling Forever

Is there anybody who would not love to have financial securities during his or her retirement? Certainly not, because whatever we do more or less has connection with our future security. Well, having a secured financial life is a dream of many but a few can turn it into reality. If you are tensed about how to get financial independence in your retired life, then I must say that you should start your planning now. Go for deferred annuities for enjoying a happy retired life.

Accumulate a good sum of amount for your post retirement days, because little pension amounts always fail to support your additional requirements, like medical, familial and other such needs. Well, deferred annuities help you to recover yourself from these financial issues during your post-retirement life.

What are deferred annuities?

Well, this is a part of annuities, which is done in two phases. One phase is the accumulation phase, in which the annuitant invest the money either in little installments every month or a single payment in a year. Another phase is the income phase, in which the annuitant starts receiving the accumulated amount.

There is a gap between these two phases and the return of the installments totally depends upon the decision of the annuitant.

What are the benefits of deferred annuities?

This type of annuity plans support the requirements of the retirees in a better way.
This annuity plan gives retirees the freedom to decide the time, when they want to receive their repayments. It is surely of great help for the retirees.
This annuity plan comes with death benefits for the beneficiary of the annuitant. Therefore, the annuitant also gets security for his or her family.
This makes the annuitants live a better life, because he or she gets the facility to have a fixed income for the post-retirements life.
This also allows them to save maximum amount, because no tax deductions are made upon the accumulation phase, until the annuitant wants to withdraw it.

What are the types of deferred annuities?

There are two types of annuities, such as:

Deferred fixed annuity

It offers the annuitant a fixed income throughout his life and never changes depending upon the market condition or other problems.

Deferred variable annuity

It offers the annuitant different amount of installments depending upon the market condition. If the market is going good, annuitants get good installment. When the market degrades, the installments rates also change according to that.

Well, if you are still some years left before your retirement, this is the best time for you to go for the deferred annuities, so that you can retire at your ease.

Therefore, plan to accumulate a good amount of money with deferred annuities and give your life a chance to smile upon you forever.

The author, Aalina Jones here provides smart suggestions on deferred annuities. This article will certainly help people gather plenty of information regarding annuities.

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