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January 25, 2012

Deferred Annuity Helps you to Save Today to Live a Better Tomorrow

Do you believe in living today? Then, you might be a reckless spendthrift, who does not care about the future savings. Well, it can bring you greater difficulties in future, when you will retire. Yes, when you get retired you have no income, leaving the little pension amount. If you do not have sufficient amount of savings also, then you can face great troubles, like no support for medical requirements, no help for your daily needs, or no additional financial aid to ease your burdens. Therefore, you must start saving little amounts from your salary, so that you can live carefree in your later days. Well, deferred annuity is the best way to do this.

The concept of “save today and enjoy tomorrow” has been turned into reality with deferred annuity easily. However, you must know the details properly before applying to these financial schemes.

The concept of annuity is made for securing the post retirement life, where you get to accumulate a good sum of amount from your income, so that you can use its benefits in the future, when you will get retired from your works.

Deferred annuity is a branch of annuity, which is made keeping up the requirements of the retirees in mind. Since, retirement only retires you from your works and does not reduce your daily needs, you drop into big troubles. Yes, your life remains the same, but the mode of running it in a smoother way that is your income shrinks into little pension amount. This great change is really difficult to be adjusted with the normal life however, deferred annuity makes it easier and you get to reside to the safe side of all escaping all unwanted troubles.

Deferred annuity assures a better post-retirement life

This is a type of annuity contract, which delays the payments, installments or the lump sum until you ask the annuity provider to pay it. These annuity plans has two phases. One is the savings phase, in which you invest the money to accumulate a good amount for the future. Another one is the income phase, in which you get the returns.

Well, the time of receiving the payment, is totally depends upon your decision. It is really a great support for the days, when you are in a need of money.

Deferred annuity can be further divided into two groups, such as:

Variable annuities are the annuity plans, which make their payments depending upon the condition of the market.

Fixed annuities are the annuity plans, where you get to receive fixed installments throughout your life.


  • No tax deduction until you withdraws the amount
  • Covers death benefits
  • Assures a better lifestyle after retirement
  • Your decision plays the vital role, which is surely of great help during your requirements
  • Secures of post-retirement future in a better way

Therefore, go for deferred annuity now, because you deserve all the happiness in your life.

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