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March 15, 2016

Why Women Need To Be Involved In Family Finances

financial planning for single motherIn 2005, I began working with a new client. She just got divorced after over 30 years of marriage. Like many women, she had been content to allow her husband to take care of their finances. However, circumstances changed. In her late 50s, this woman found herself in uncharted waters: managing significant financial matters with zero prior experience.

While insurance, investments and financial planning have traditionally been “a man’s game,” there are many statistics that predict a different story. Women are living significantly longer than men and are more likely to become widows. Like it or not, it’s imperative for women stay on top of all things financial, for themselves and their families.

There are many aspects to financial planning: savings, retirement, day-to-day expenses, student loans, college savings, estate management, building a comprehensive stock market portfolio, life insurance, and more! It can get overwhelming trying to keeping track of every aspect of your broad financial plan. Here are four tips to get started:

1) Make it fun. Financial planning is not something that brings an immediate smile to one’s face. Try to take the stress out of it by making your conversations fun. Plan a “date night” where you cook together and go over one aspect of the finances over dinner. Don’t try to go out: restaurants are wonderful for romance, but not great for private financial conversations. Whatever it is you enjoy, try to mix that in so you can associate something positive with this new learning adventure.

2) Don’t get defensive. Your goal is to become more educated and involved in your family’s finances. This doesn’t have to be a cause for alarm or fighting! Remind whoever is currently in charge that this is not a criticism of what they have been doing. You are not going to change things overnight or perhaps even at all, so do not start out on the defensive.

3) Start with cash flow. In terms of where to start, I recommend beginning with the basics: cash flow. Where are funds currently being spent and allocated? How are new expenses prioritized? This is a good time to analyze expenses both from a high level and then more detailed. We get busy with our daily lives and while a $100/year item may not be significant—how many of them are there? Those can really add up.

4) Meet and engage with your team. Do you personally know your CPA, attorney, and financial professionals? Start to build a relationship with them. Make sure you understand how they make decisions, how they bill, and how they can help you and your partner reach your goals.

Starting the process is half the battle,and there is no wrong answer when deciding which area to approach first. Remember that this is a team effort between you and your family, spouse, or partner, so don’t try to go it alone. By following these steps,I believe you will become more empowered to make smart financial decisions in good times and in bad.

Meghann McKenna is Owner & Financial Adviser at McKenna Financial in Bozeman MT, a family owned financial firm serving clients since 1949. She also is a Registered Representative offering securities through NYLIFE Securities LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC a Licensed Insurance Agency, and a Financial Adviser offering investment advisory services through Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser. McKenna Financial is not owned or operated by Eagle Strategies LLC or its affiliates. This article is offered for general information purposes only. It does not set forth solutions to individual situations. Consult your professional advisor(s) before implementing any planning strategies. SMRU 1683868 (exp. 2.18.2018)

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March 5, 2016

Prepaid vs Postpaid in India – Business details

prepaid vs postpaid businessIndia’s popularity among low cost mobile manufacturers like Xiaomi, OnePlus and others is big enough to make the country their highest priority. The main reason for this surge is, among many other things, the fact that Indians prefer prepaid connections more than post paid. While the lucrative recharge offers make prepaid a better option for cost sensitive con-sumers, what this translates to the low cost mobile manufacturers is a market free from telco-subsidised iPhones and other high-end phones.

Indians have too much love for prepaid and it is only going to grow stronger. This is in con-trast to developed markets where unlocked gsm phones barely have a market. In developed countries like UK and US, telcos heavily subsidise high end mobiles to acquire long term subscribers in a bid to recover the amount through the course of the term. These connections typically come with a two year contract, with a monthly rental that help make the business profitable. Most customers in these countries do not seem to mind as long as they get their brand new high end smartphones. This is a long shot in India where even postpaid consumers pay a premium price for flagship devices.

It does raise the question though – are you better off using a prepaid connection or would a postpaid arrangement serve you better? Like any other question like this one, the answer does, to some extent, depend on who you are and what are your needs. Surely, you can not work with a prepaid connection if you work in Sales. However, there is a large group of mobile users who are happy with mobile internet and barely even make calls.

For anyone looking to have more control over their bills and a more clearer understanding of their usage, Prepaid is still the way to go. Convenience wise, however, postpaid remains the choice to make especially now that most telcos offer auto debit of monthly bills. It sure will be interesting to see if Indian telcos will start offering US style contracts here and how that’ll change preference.

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December 31, 2015

This is Unexpected!! – Know few sources where you can get money suddenly

extra unexpected moneyThis world is running for money. We are struggling to earn money, doing study to get a good job to earn money. People can compromise for money; they do illegal work for this only. Because we all know that money can buy almost everything. But the above mentioned sources are limited or rather the earning money from these sources is limited. So, in this situation we are dreaming or looking for some alternative ways from where we can expect money suddenly. The volume of money in these sudden sources is not small. So, in this article I am trying to focus on those sources where we can earn money suddenly.

Sell your unused product to earn money:

Running short of money & also need to wait a long for the next month’s salary to come. What to do, here is a solution which will make you organized & also help others to get something in a cheap rate. We always have something at our home which is in unused condition means we have used that once but now those are scrap for us like our old mobile phone(workable condition), Old TV, Old music system, old furniture etc. which we can sell to others as per their requirements in a cheaper rate. Now many e-commerce sites can help us. Where we can post the image of that product & quote a price for the same. This can be viewed by multiple buyers. Here I can personally recommend OLX & Quickr.

Do financial help with higher interest rates:

Those who are in money crisis in your locality you can give them small loans with bigger interest rates. Here through interest you will get some extra money which ideally you will not get if you will deposit the same amount to some other financial organization like bank. So, in this situation you have helped that person in his crisis & also earn extra but this is a small risk because here you won’t keep any doc. In terms of prove that you have given money to this person. So, here only trust factor can work & that’s why I have mention this deal should between those people whom you know very well.

Make Gardening is your hobby to earn extra money:

We all do have some hobbies so fix something productive inform of your hobbies like Gardening. I personal feel that I am addicted in gardening & also got the same inspiration from my office garden. So, Now inform of gardening I have planted some herbal plants like tulsi, alovera etc. & many more. These plants are very valuable for the cosmetics companies. They can contact you & can pay you good amount in return of these herbal plants. Also we can sell flowers to earn money. So, here we can cherish our hobbies & also can earn good money.

Selling painting can help you earn money:

Suppose if you are good in drawing then you can paint some canvas or can prepare small wishing cards to sell. You can sit anywhere at running fair & I am sure people can give value to your creativity & also can purchase your work. The amount which you can earn here might be not huge but this is the token of appreciation of your creative part.

Other unusual ways:

Here you need to depend somehow on your luck. You can buy lottery, if you are lucky enough you can become rich in one night. There are many govt. Sponsored lottery agencies where you can purchase the luck. Or you can go to casino with your friends. Casino is a place where you can hang out & also if luck favors then after playing this game you can earn a lot of money like Mansion Casino.

Whatever the way you applied money is money but in terms of going to the uncertain way to earn money it is always better to make yourself involved in something productive from where you can earn money after every interval. That might be in terms of Job, business or some other creative work.

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March 6, 2015

Effective budgeting tips for young families – Know more

Effective budgeting tipsDeveloping an effective and sound budget is truly important or crucial when you wish to achieve financial targets, control household costs and manage debts. A budget is the key ingredient to achieving financial goals, achieving household goals and managing debt successfully. Apart from this, by creating a budget you may pay off debt, buy a bigger apartment and get a better car.

A sound budget can only be developed when you understand your entire financial situation in a better way. You may experience a lot of challenges while creating a budget that suits your young family. In your attempt to develop a smart budget, you might wonder how to begin with it. Developing a budget is about identifying the starting point and the steps to go with it. There are a few good websites that may help you prepare an effective budget. In order to catch up with the best sites across major search engines, you may click on Check n’ Go•.

Consider a few budgeting tips that will keep you motivated –

1. Note all expenses

All of your monthly expenses need to be written in a notepad. Make a list of each single item that you purchase every month. Record all goods that you use on a daily basis, be it those ice creams that you keep on the refrigerator, your parking meter charges as well as your morning coffee.

Although it might seem tedious it will work in your best interest. Once the costs are itemized, you’ll need to go through the list and find which items are absolute necessities. You may try creating two categories namely discretionary and essential. You’ll certainly come to know how much you can actually avoid spending or save out of your list of expenses.

2. Exercise discipline

In order to stay within a tough budget, you’ll need to count on your means and exercise discipline and self-control. You must learn how to cope with the challenges of staying within a budget. There is a certain trick to get things done while staying within your budget. A budget resembles a diet; you’re bound to shed a few pounds once you start having lettuce leaves for about 7 days. You don’t need to live without fulfilling your daily necessities. For an occasional reward or treat, a certain allowance needs to be incorporated within your budget.

3. Set your targets

Set achievable targets. This way, you’ll be able to analyze each of your moves and proceed without committing mistakes. Meeting new targets will be easier once you reach your initial goals.

4. Use an online budget plan

You’re bound to come across a number of online budget planners that come for free. A majority of the budget plans are friendly towards their users. A budget planner helps you to measure the out flow of your money. Once you can measure your expenses, it will be easier for you to manage them.

5. Seek assistance

You may use free information available over the internet for maintaining or developing a budget. When it comes to promoting financial websites bearing quality budget tips, you may utilize sites like Check n’ Go•. Websites like this are aimed at educating people on budgeting and other financial areas.

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March 4, 2012

Classic Films All About Money

Money. Our world revolves around it and so does all of the entertainment within it. In fact, some of the best films ever made purely been a cinematic expression of what we all feel and experience every day, the desire or need to have money and then how it affects us when we do or do not have it.

All films take us on a different route or view, some gory, some tactical, some glamorous and others damn action packed, but in the end, the majority all lead to a closing scene with someone clutching a filthy stinking huge wad of cash. We either feel infuriated by it, or elated, but as long as we feel something, we’re happy to part with our own cold hard cash.

So with this in mind, let’s take a look at four of the very best films about money:


“First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women”. If ever there were a ruthlessly honest outlook which described an outlaw’s view of America, it’s that of Tony Montana. Scarface is one of the best told ‘rise and fall’ stories in history, an embodiment of just how twisted the pursuit of money can affect someone’s life. In reality this film shows just what Notorious B.I.G spoke about so vividly, mo’ money, mo’ problems.

Glengarry Glen Ross

Another Pacino classic and another film which shows the ruthless world of businessman. Not just any type of businessman, more notably a group of real estate salesman. The film depicts a group of salesmen at various stages in their life and careers, all with one common goal, to make the most sales in an attempt to avoid getting fired. Desperate times call for desperate measures and one salesman goes just that little too f’in far.


A Martin Scorsese classic, in collaboration with writer Nicholas Pileggi and featuring actors Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. Based on a true story, the film follows ‘Ace’ (De Niro) who is one of America’s best handicap gamblers and is left in charge of a Las Vega Casino. The film follows both the street mobs and real business world intertwining in the constant hunt for more money, before the film turns full circle and ends with a much older ‘Ace’ never really being able to escape the game.

Wall Street

If ever you wanted to know how Charlie Sheen for famous, this 1987 classic is pretty much where it all started. The film shows the classic tale of a young man Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) entering the alluring but cut throat world of stock broking. In his pursuit to get to the top he soon finds himself working with notorious broker and corporate raider Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas). It’s the classic tale of a young guy learning from the elder, seasoned, hardened veteran and moral conflicts this can cause.

Scott is a writer who imagines what it would have been like if Tony Montana dealt in credit card transfers rather than cash. Dealing with credit cards or Paypal isn’t quite as gangster, is it?

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