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May 31, 2015

Upgrading to a 2 BHK apartment? Here’s where it will cost you the most

New apartmentGenerally it is hard to upgrade from a 1 BHK apartment to a higher BHK apartment but these days due to availability of real estate portals and real estate agents you can easily look for a 2 BHK apartment. Upgrading takes up a lot of energy and gives lot of stress and tension. These types of situations only come up at certain times in life and people are totally clueless about it. Modifying your house ordinarily happens when your family is extended or when you need more room for your storage or simply when you have some extra money to splurge on yourself and your family. Going from a 1 BHK to a 2 BHK will mostly be double the expenditure than the first one. As we all can imagine by the name only that from 1 Bedroom to 2 bedrooms you will have more space to keep all your things but there will be a rise in the costs that will take to maintain the house or the additional room. If you are in the search for a 2 BHK flat for rent in Kolkata or any other city then you can easily look for one on the real estate portal.

Here are some of the things that will increase your cost if you upgrade from a 1 BHK to 2 BHK:

  • Cost of the house: if you are buying a new house completely then that’s going to cost you double just because you are asking for an additional room. The rates for 2 BHK apartments are nearly touching the sky because of the high demand for them. Hence it extremely hard to find a good 2 BHK for rent in Kolkata or 2 BHK on rent in Mumbai. The other reason being that these cities come off as the prime cities and hence you will have difficulty finding apartments but if you keep a careful eye on the apartments and all the changes in the city then you are sure to succeed.
  • Maintenance: it doesn’t matter if you have a servant who does all your house work or if you do it yourself, the efforts to maintain a 2 BHK house is going to be enormous and hence even if you don’t have a house servant you will eventually have one. The home servants/maids ask for more money when there are more rooms in the houses and hence the salary that you paid to your previous servant won’t be what you will be paying to your new one. Moreover doing a normal pest control of your house and other things will also cost you more.
  • Security: now that you have 2 rooms the security of the second room will be an additional cost for you. If you believe in fitting CCTV cameras at your place or just normal safety measure then you will pay extra for that.
  • Decorating the room: decorating the room and adding furniture to the room is sure to be an additional cost to you. Also looking after the extra room will be asking for some money.

Hence if you are planning to upgrade to a 2 BHK house then be sure that you know all this points and you take decision only after evaluating and thinking over each and every point. If the upgrading is done with lot of thought then you might be able to eliminate some cost. Hence purchasing a permanent house try living in a 2 BHK flat for rent in Kolkata.

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October 25, 2012

The best ways to save money on furniture

There are many costly expenditures that are unfortunately a necessary evil, but there are always ways to ensure you can save at least a little bit of money on items such as furniture and electronics, as well as your heating and water bills.

One of those, furniture, is a cost that always crops up from time to time. With several rooms in any home and the need to furnish pretty much all of them, there is a good chance that buying furniture is an annual grind on your finances.

There are, however, several ways in which you can save money when purchasing items of furniture for the home.

Buy quality products

When purchasing furniture for the home, you will usually want it to stand up to the test of time and the only way of achieving that is to purchase quality furniture such as solid oak. The better the quality, the longer it will last and the better it will look in your home.

Quality solid wood furniture does of course tend to cost more than your typical “wood effect” items, but in the long-term, it will pay off as it will last longer and therefore remove the need to keep on buying new pieces of furniture because they’ve worn out quickly.

For those pieces of furniture that tend to get tucked away from sight and only come out occasionally, they’re the ones that you don’t have to worry about emptying your wallet on.

Getting your DIY on

Some people have a healthy dose of experience in fixing things and tend to be a bit handy in woodwork or similar. If you’re one of these, then you have the ability of saving money on your furniture by mending those items that are looking a little worn out.

Given the right equipment, refinishing wooden furniture is very possible and doesn’t have to take that long either. This is a great way of sprucing up furniture that looks a bit tattered, but could easily be brought up to scratch with a fresh layer of stain or paint, maybe the upholstered sofa requires a bit of stitching. It really is a great alternative to buying new furniture when it can be repaired all the same.

Keep your eyes peeled and be patient

It is very likely that you’re struggling to find that perfect solid oak table for the right price after looking for what feels like forever. The trick is to be patient and just keep your eyes open for new deals and sales.

Christmas and New Year will often be perfect times to find the right kind of deal you’re after, therefore it can really pay off waiting a few weeks or months until that time and grab yourself a brilliant deal.

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March 14, 2012

When is the Right Time for Home Renovation?

It is a fact that home renovations adds up to the house’s market value. If a house seller wants to earn big in selling his property he has to do changes and improvements in his property. Surely setting up a garden or a parking space for vehicles would increase the market price of the property. But before getting too much excited you have to bear in mind that putting a property under renovation is a no easy task. For first time house and lot owners who plan to put their properties under renovation, it will be a wise act if you first become familiar with the basic home renovation processes. Why? Well it is because a home renovation is a costly project and I’m sure you don’t want to waste your time and money on unnecessary things. Reading books, magazines and articles online that are related to home improvement will really help a lot.

But wait there is more that matters. As what I’ve said, home renovation is a costly project so you may want to consider these questions first before putting a property under the renovation process. Each of these questions will be in detail later.

1. Is the plan for home renovation practical?
2. How much payback value will I get?
3. Is the plan for renovation flexible for future changes?

Is the Plan for Home Renovation Practical?

The idea is this! Is your plan for home renovation just for luxury? Now if your answer is “yes”, you may want to think twice. In today’s hard and deflated economy many people prefer living practical. As to what many experts say practicality is in these days not luxury! Same as through with buying a house, home buyers would not buy a property that has a very high market value. So check your house, if the current condition of the house you’re planning to sell is still good and has a good market value then putting it under renovation might not be a good choice.

How Much Payback Value Will I Get?

Is you’re plan of putting a property under renovation will be worth your money? Well this is in relation with what I said above, that is “practicality is in” but if you still prefer a home renovation you need to focus on where you can get a good payback value when the time comes that you are going to sell the property. Most of the time renovating the kitchen and bathroom will give more payback value when you sell your property. Recent statistics show that a house owner can have a 75-100% payback value when he focuses on the renovation on the kitchen and bathroom.

Is the Plan for Renovation Flexible for Future Changes?

This is what many house owners should really consider. How flexible is the plan for renovation for future changes? Let’s say you renovated the back part of your house for a garage, then after 3 years you will remove it for another change. Is that practical? Surely it isn’t. So just in case you still prefer renovating your house, make sure you create a well crafted plan that can adapt to future changes and improvements.

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