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March 8, 2012

Securing a Down Payment for Homeownership

Have you considered taking advantage of the current real estate market and purchasing a home? If so, there are several things to take into consideration, including the following:

· Securing the best interest rate

· Getting pre-approved for a home loan

· Finding the property of your dreams

· Making an offer on your desired property

· Paying a down payment on your new home

With the current economic situation throughout the United States, many people desire to purchase a new home and may even be pre-approved for a home loan; however, the one thing that often keeps people from purchasing a new home is the dreaded down payment.

Down Payment Details

Unless you are able to secure a VA loan, most lenders require a down payment around 20%. Fortunately, some people qualify for an FHA loan that allows them to only pay 3.5% down. Therefore, if you desire to purchase a $150,000 home you are looking at a down payment up to $20,000. With the high unemployment rate and rocky economy, very few people have $20,000 in their savings account thereby making homeownership more difficult to achieve. Rest assured, there are some ways to secure a down payment for a new home.

Ways to Secure a Down Payment

Tax Refund. One of the easiest ways to obtain a nice down payment for your home loan involves increasing the taxes withheld from each of your paychecks by decreasing your number of dependents. As a result, you are able to receive a bigger tax refund each year, which can be put into a savings account or immediately used for a down payment, especially if you are able to obtain an FHA loan.

Sell Unwanted Items. Although this option may require a lot more effort than saving your tax refund, you can often sell unwanted or unused household items, jewelry, vehicles, and jewelry. You may have to spend several months trying to sell these items at yard sales or online; however, if you sell enough and continue to save the money you make off these items you will achieve your down payment and be on your way to owning a new home.

Save Wisely. The most common way to secure a down payment for a new home is often the one that takes the longest—saving money. This requires you to take out a certain amount of money from each paycheck and place it into a savings account until you are able to afford the payment.

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