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April 11, 2012

How To Make a Claim on Your Long Term Care Insurance Policy

So you have purchased a long term health care insurance policy just in case you needed it and now after several years have passed you do in fact need to use it. At this point you probably are wondering what you need to do in order to file a claim. The answer is going to vary depending upon which insurance agency you bought your policy through, but the general process is as follows.

Step #1 – Determine Who Needs to File the Claim

Like many health insurance policies, long term health care insurance claims can either be completed by you or your health care provider. Before you start any paperwork determining if your health care provider will file the claim for you or if you need to do it.

Step #2 – Determine If You Are Covered

A long term health care insurance policy can cover a number of shortages produced by your major medical insurance or Medicare. However, when you purchased your LTC insurance you decided what you wanted to be covered for and as a result not everything may be covered. Before you start the paper work make sure what you are requesting reimbursement or funding for is covered in your policy.

Step #3 – Request Claim Forms

If you are responsible for filing the claim and if your medical expense is covered, then you next need to fill out a claim form. To get a claim form you can go to your insurance agent’s website and download a form, you can go to your insurance agent’s office and fill one out in person, or you can schedule a meeting with your agent (or talk on the phone) to complete a form.

You will need your medical bill to fill out this form. The form will most likely ask for specific information about what service was provided, who provided it, what medical billing code was used and when the service was provided. If you have any questions about where to find specific pieces of information, you can call the accounting department or billing department of your health care provider.

Step #4 – Submit Your Claim

It is important to fill out and submit your claim as quickly as possible. Many insurance agents have a limit on how long you can wait before submitting claim forms for reimbursement or coverage. Also, getting reimbursed or being funded for a medical procedure can take weeks. This means that the sooner you complete your paperwork the better it will be for everyone involved.

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