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July 1, 2014

Unusual post – Google’s latest Update become financial nightmare for the freelancers

financial freelancingRecently Google is getting very active in terms of their updates. Anywhere, anytime Google is updating their algorithm. Here those who are doing freelancing they are getting severely affected with these activities.

Those who were thinking Google is god has become demon now. They are not giving allegation to Google but they won’t feel the pulse of it, so the decision has become wrong & their business has getting hampered financially.

Being an internet freak i always love to read different contents so this article is the sum up of all the contents which i have read recently regarding the present financial conditions of the freelancer.

But here is one Questions towards Google, does these updates really help Google to stop spammy work, i don’t think so. Because those who are involved in this business they used to find an alternative way to get rid to this updates & they will continue their earnings. But those who won’t compromise about the quality work from the very beginning their earning will get hampered. Here goes the best possible ways to earn money through freelancing.

Sponsored posting: For me if you are posting anything informative & relevant for your website then there is no need to worry whether that is sponsored content or any normal guest posting. But make sure the linking webpage has to be relevant to the content, then i am sure Google will also like it.

Blogroll links: Blogroll links are nothing but the similar resources for the visitors, if your website is not able to give your visitors sufficient information the if your blogroll links can do so then go ahead with those links, it doesn’t matter whether that is paid of free.

Banner ads: Same thing will get repeat here, if your banners are relevant to your website then go ahead with that & make your website attractive.

Info-graphic ads: Info-graphic is the latest trend to provide information with pictures but here my opinion is every person if not equal to understand the same thing to make a small description which will say about your info-graphic so here uploading info-graphic also you can earn money.

Here i want to add one point those who are earning in their website by following all quality guidelines fixed by Google then their earning should not hamper but here it is. As those who were promoting their websites by creating back-links by following stated ways, they got panic with these present rumor that those links won’t get any value from Google & also linked sites in the contents will get penalized. But if you can give the explanation to yourself regarding any contents or link insertion in your website in terms of maintaining your site quality then i hope there is no need to worry about it.

So the purpose of writing is content not only to show the negative part of these updates but also to let all the webmasters & blogger know that informative & relevant contents are always important to make your website more informative & also it will attract new visitors to read your website. Make sure don’t compromise the quality of the content & more that the relevancy of the content & the link too.

So, Get rid of those nightmares & start your freelance business & also good luck for your financial profits.

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