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March 13, 2012

Finding The Right Solicitor Or Lawyer

In years gone by, whether you live in the UK or the US, you would have to undertake the task of finding a lawyer or solicitor when a legal dispute arose.  The law professions were seen as somewhat staid and many firms survived by operating on their long established reputation.  This approach changed dramatically in the US in 1977 when advertising restrictions on lawyers were greatly relaxed.  Solicitors in the UK were still under restrictions until the mid 90s, before following the lead of the US.  Now advertising has become commonplace and you can’t turn on the TV without seeing a legal firm of some type touting their wares.  As a result those who need a solicitor or lawyer will often go for the name that they remember from a TV or radio advert.  However, this can be a mistake and you should really take more care before making your choice. 


Whilst many solicitors and lawyers will operate across the state or even country; it could be that their nearest office is a long way from your home.  Discussions can of course take place over the phone, but in most instances being in the same room is a necessity to deal with some matters thoroughly.  Therefore it is always advisable to first look for options in your local area.  The quickest and easiest way is to do a Google search for the type of service you need and your location, eg. “solicitors in Pontefract” or “lawyers in Orlando”.


Once you have found a few local options then take some time to highlight the firms that provide specialist representation in the area that you require.  Some unscrupulous firms will be happy to represent your case even if they don’t have suitable knowledge and experience, which could jeopardise your case.  It is a good idea to ask the firm a few questions about past cases that are similar to yours.  It is possible to include your required speciality into your Google search, eg. “solicitors in Pontefract” + “accident claim” or “lawyers in Orlando” + “personal injury”.


Although it isn’t essential to find a firm that has been operating for a long period, it can be a good guide.  There will of course be excellent lawyers that have only been operating for a relatively short period.  However, if you go for one that has been around for many years then there is a better chance that they work in the right way, otherwise they would have gone bust by now.  At this point have a dig around online; looking for reviews of the firm and also ask friend and family members if they have any experience of the firms you are considering.

Straight talking

The legal world can be extremely confusing at the best of times and even more so if your legal representative uses confusing language and jargon.  In order to understand the details of the case clearly it is important to be able to communicate effectively.  Speaking to the remaining solicitors and lawyers on your list over the phone should give you a clear indication of whether you will be able to work effectively with them and help you make your final choice.

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