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The 3 Main Purchasing Benefits of House and Land Packages

Most consumers start their home buying process by visiting preexisting houses and evaluating their worth for a potential purchase. However, there is an alternative to this old fashioned way of thinking. What if the buyer could put his or her input into the actual construction of the home, right down to the electrical outlet placement? Enter the house and land package.

A house and land package allows the buyer to purchase the land that the new home will be built upon. Once the home is built, he or she owns both the land and physical structure. There are a number of different benefits that pertain to these packages. Let’s take a look.

Investment opportunity

Since the home has not been built yet, buyers can be vocal about additions and substitutions to the actual construction process. By customizing the home, buyers can begin to advertise the house’s features as a selling point. Large skylights in the living room? The buyer can make sure to have these installed for a potential customer. The fact that the home is brand new is another selling feature; buyers can stress this selling point for a fast sale, as well as the fact that no surprise repairs will be needed after the purchase since every part of the home is unused.

Saving Money Initially

Another benefit to house and land packages is the initial investment amount. Buyers do not purchase the combination of the home and land in the beginning; the house does not yet exist to be an asset for sale. As a result, the buyer simply puts down a deposit for the land only, not the house. This process can save the buyer thousands of dollars in the beginning.

Customizing Your Own Home

Many buyers are extremely picky about their home features; some prefer carpeting, while other prefer hardwood. However, purchasing the house and land package will allow buyers to customize their own home. In fact, they can choose almost any material option within the home since it has not built yet. As a result, the paint color, flooring choice, and even the amount of bedrooms can be personalized for the buyer. The resulting home will be the perfect dream house for the buyer.

In the end, a house and land package is a smart choice for savvy investors and particular homeowners. Buyers should research the seller, or developer, so that the real estate process is smooth; construction of the home should stay within budget, as well as on time. The benefits of these packages will make a happy home for the buyer.

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March 21, 2012 um 7:24 am
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