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Take Advantage Of Around The Clock Trading With Binary Options

The world of binary options trading has gained greater prominence as more people become attuned to the trading benefits offered. The simplicity of making money from what amounts to a higher/ lower choice of asset price direction, coupled with the potential for high profits has helped to fuel an ever greater uptake from this method of trading.

The accessibility of this trading method has also increased interest in this form of investment. It is so easy to get yourself up and running. Account opening only requires a small deposit and contracts can be placed on any of the major global markets from just a few dollars.

Here we take a look at three key advantages of using binary options as an investment vehicle and make a case as to why you should take a look at this trading method as a viable and simple way to get started with financial trading.

1. Access Global Markets

When you first open you account with a binary options broker you may be surprised to see the wide range of assets that are available for trading. Unlike when trading with Forex brokers for example, you are not restricted to the assets on which you can profit. All of the major financial asset classes are offered, including Forex currency pairs, Stock Indices and Commodities. It is also possible to profit from movements in some of the largest global companies with contracts available for purchase on major players such as Google, Amazon, JP Morgan and Coca Cola.

This wide range of markets means that it is nearly always possible to find an opportunity to take. Furthermore trading can take place on your account wherever you are based in the world, as at some point, somewhere, a market will be open for you to analyse and trade.

2. Weekend Trading

If this ability to trade a wide selection of different markets during the week is not enough, you can also opt to trade at the weekend with some brokers. While the markets themselves are closed at this time, many brokers offer the facility to place a limited amount of contracts on certain assets over the weekend. Due to the market being closed and the trader not knowing where the market will open first thing on a Monday morning, the returns offered for these trading positions tend to be high. Many of these contracts yield well over a 400% return.

While there is much more speculation involved with these positions, they nevertheless can provide a good way in which to make a high gain on your investment. You just need to select your opportunities carefully and only use small amounts of your capital when trading these outcomes.

3. Profit From Different Price Outcomes

While binary options trading is often thought of as profiting from a higher or lower movement of an assets price, there are in fact many ways in which they can be used to capture market moves. While the Call and Put option are the most easily recognisable of the binary trade, there are an increasing number of new contracts now available. These will allow you to profit from a range of different market outcomes.

The most popular of these newer contracts are the One Touch and Boundary range. The key benefit of these is that you can use them when no trends are present and markets are simply looking to ‘mark time’. These provide a further way in which you can use binary options to keep building up the value of your investment over time.

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January 14, 2013 um 1:11 pm
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