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Use All Your Resources Well for financial betterment

All financial resourcesYou have a number of resources available and it is up to you to make the best of them. By organizing your available resources you will know which one can be used for what task. You will avoid duplication and end up saving money. Take a look at how you do things today and then work out how you can do them better tomorrow. Small things can make a big difference over a long period of time, so no change is too small to be not considered.

Optimizing Use of Resources at Home

Home improvement projects are important; just don’t start something which is more cosmetic than useful. For instance structural reinforcement is important but getting new cushion covers every season is not. Using coupons is good; just don’t buy something you don’t need simply because you have a coupon to get it cheap. Just because you have a coupon to get tomato soup cans at half price is no reason to buy them when you hate tomato soup. Don’t pay for a service that you can get for free elsewhere, for instance some shops charge for home delivering groceries but others may do it for free. Learn to compare deals at different shops to get the best bargain possible, this is time well spent when you are being frugal, rather than time wasted.

Optimizing Resource Usage at Work

Start with getting to work in a car pool. This way you save money on fuel, make the carbon footprint a bit smaller and do your bit towards going green. You also get saved from the hassle of driving through traffic on your own every day. The company in the car makes for a more pleasant and relaxed drive. At work, check if you need all the phone lines you own. If your job requires you to be in the office the whole day, you don’t need a mobile phone. If however you have a job that takes you all over town, you may want to consider disconnecting the landline. Buy the office supplies and stationery you need in bulk. You know you will be using pens, pencils, paper and printer reams. So get them cheap while buying for the full year’s supplies. You save frequent trips to stock up on office supplies as well.

While ready cash is your most liquid resource, it is not the only asset you own.

An asset is a resource you own that can be used to generate more income for you. If you have a large space that you use only part of the time, you can rent it out to others. Your holiday cabin can be let out during the time you are not using it to generate more income on the side. You can use this rent for the general up keep and maintenance of the cabin. That way it pays for itself. Think about other assets you own which can be put to better use. It will surprise you to see how much extra income you can generate with a little creative thinking.

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September 9, 2014 um 8:29 am
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