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Use These Tips to Make Money Trading Stocks and Forex

If you keep listening to your friends you will keep your day job, keep working for 30 years each and every day and not make serious money and you know why? Because your friends think trading stocks and Forex is nothing but luck and gambling and they can’t be more wrong.

In this article I will share with you a few important tips that will help you make money trading stocks and currencies, so take a pen and a paper and write this down because all the professional traders in the world started using these tips and you should too if you want to make money.

Trade with an amount of money that suits you

At first trading will be difficult and you may lose some money before you get the grasp of it and understand the market and that’s natural. That is why you should trade with an amount of money that suits you as a trader and that means trading with the amount you don’t afraid of losing. I know how it sounds but if you’re afraid of losing you will lose because you will make decisions according to your emotions and not your head and you will lose money, so at first trade with a small amount of money and slowly with time add more money to your trading bankroll.

Always come prepared to any trading day

You should always come prepared prior to any trading day and that means working for 2-3 hours each day searching for stocks and currencies, writing down the entry and exit points of each stock and never leave anything to chance. Only this way you’ll control your bankroll, know exactly how much you’ll profit from a trade and limit your losses to a minimum if the trade was not successful.

Trade with your head and not with your gut

Trading stocks and Forex has nothing to do with luck and we are not gambling here. You read charts, you analyze them, you read news and you know your entry and exit points and with this analytical work plan you make money. If you start trading according to your emotions and gut feelings you may make mistakes and lose money, so always trade smart and don’t let your feelings get involve in your trade but this will come with more trades and experience.

Be patient learn from mistakes and never stop reading charts

If I have one tip to give you in order to succeed in trading is to read as many charts as you can. The more charts you read the more you’ll understand how the market and how the stocks react, you’ll know to anticipate the next move of your stocks and currencies and you’ll have more experience in trading and here it means a lot. Even when you don’t trade keep reading charts, see if you’re right and with time you will master the market and in less than 3-4 years will be able to be a professional trader and believe me this is not a long time as professional traders usually are millionaires because there is a lot of money in the market and with time you will get your piece of it as well.

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March 26, 2012 um 9:05 am
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