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What are the Highest Paying MBA Careers?

Nothing in life is free. This old adage applies not only to earning an education, but landing a job in the workforce. There is a price to be paid at every level to earn an education whether it is property taxes to pay for public elementary and secondary schools, or tuition to pay for a post-secondary education. Beyond a Bachelor’s degree it is up to the individual to invest further in their education in order to increase their earning potential.

Many individuals with a Bachelor’s from a business program or currently employed in the business sector choose to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration. Pursuing any Master’s degree, an MBA included, is an added expense for an individual’s education. Earning an additional degree needs to pay off in the end by giving graduates the leg up they need to land higher paying jobs.

So, after a student graduates from an MBA program, what are some of highest paying careers for Master’s of Business Administration graduates? According to Monster.com there are a number of sectors in the business industry that offer six figure salaries to graduates with an MBA.


According to Monster.com, the field of finance is one of the few in business where an MBA is almost a must-have in the eyes of an employer. An MBA is seen not only as important for advancement in finance careers, but also for junior and entry-level positions as well. The median mid-career salary for many MBA holders in finance is $121,000 annually. The following are some of the highest paying careers for Master’s of Business Administration graduates:
– Chief Financial Officer: $168,000
– Finance Director: $151,000
– Senior Financial Analyst: $85,600


Marketing is a different animal when it comes to the need for an MBA, especially compared to the field of finance. While it is possible for entry and junior-level employees to land and hold jobs in marketing without an MBA, the current economic situation has made holding an MBA an advantage when it comes to advancement. According to Monster.com, the median mid-career salary for MBA holders in marketing is $113,000 annually. The following are some of the highest paying careers for Master’s of Business Administration graduates:

– Marketing Director: $133,000
– Business Development Manager: $105,000
– Marketing Manager: $102,000

Information Systems

Similar to the field of marketing, individuals working in the field of information systems do not necessarily need an MBA degree to be successful. Possessing relevant experience in the field of information systems and the proven ability to solve real world problems is as important to employers as an MBA. Those hoping to reach higher executive level positions will eventually need an MBA however. Monster.com reports that the median mid-career salary is $106,000. The following are some of the highest paying careers for Master’s of Business Administration graduates:

– IT Director: $120,000
– IT Project Manager: $103,000
– IT Manager: $99,800

No two individuals will have the same experience upon graduating from an MBA program. The degree itself will not qualify any two people for high paying positions on merit alone. Individuals will need to pursue additional certification in some fields and have proven on-the-job experience with real world success. According to Katie Bardaro of PayScale.com, it is important to remember that simply earning an MBA isn’t a recipe for success. Bardaro reminds students that it is important to remember which MBA focuses are common in business and which ones are desired.

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