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7 Ways To Earn Extra Money From Used Items Around Your House

Everyone would appreciate a little extra cash, especially in this troubled economy. While finding a job right now might be difficult, finding some extra dough can be done at home. Here are seven ways to earn extra money from used items around your house.

1. Books

Any college student is aware of how much books can cost. Whenever someone is paying a pretty penny for a book, they could be sending you that money. Selling unneeded books is quite easy. The best ones to sell are obscure nonfiction, but it is worth researching the price of any extra book. The most popular sites to sell old books on are Amazon.com, BN.com and Half.com. All of these walk individuals through the process of assessing, pricing and listing a book. They each will take a nominal fee and small percentage when the book sells, but this is not paid if the book goes unsold. The downside of selling books is that you must monitor the listings at least twice a week.

2. Jewelry

Selling books is profitable, but takes patience. For a quick buck, take any old jewelry to a precious metal buyer. There are many businesses now buying platinum, gold, silver and other valuable metals. In most cases, the amount you will receive is almost the same at every store, so driving around for the best offer is rarely worth the hassle. Simply find a reputable metals dealer and ask what the value of your jewelry is. If you like the offer, accept it.

3. Electronics

Everyone has old electronics, and many of them are of some value. Whether you have an old cell phone, camera, computer, CD player, DVD player or other electronic device, there is a website that wants it. For many items, these sites are willing to pay. To see if your old electronics qualify, find an appropriate site and enter your model into the form.

4. Sports Equipment

Depending on what sport you played, the equipment might be worth something. Usually, people can get a significant amount for snow skiing equipment, such as skis, bindings and boots, provided they are not too outdated. Other sports that require a lot of gear are mountain climbing, football and lacrosse. Yet, even ice skates or a tennis racket can be sold. Any sports equipment might be worth something. This can be especially helpful for families with children involved in sports.

5. Clothes

Many people occasionally take old clothes to a second-hand store. Next time you head to the thrift store, first stop by private, independent stores, before you go to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. These individual stores will usually pay for fashionable clothes that are still in great condition. If you have only worn something once, or if there is a shirt that still has the tags attached, it could pay for a new piece of clothing.

6. Furniture

The furniture in a home is often among the most expensive items in the house or apartment. As such, it also will bring in the most money if sold. The most popular ways to sell furniture is through Craigslist.com or a garage sale. However, if the item being sold is extremely valuable, then selling it on consignment at a store might be the most profitable method.

7. CDs and DVDs

Even though people are increasingly turning to digital music and streaming movies for their entertainment, CDs and DVDs can be sold. These will not bring in thousands of dollars (unless you have a houseful of them), but they should be worth a few dollars. Best of all, they can be sold very quickly. Simply take them to a local used video or music store, as this media does not resell well online.
Everyone can find some things lying around the house to sell. No matter what you have, it can bring in a little extra money. In times like these, that extra money earned from things around the house will be greatly appreciated.

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