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Finance Tips For Elder Care

Caring for elderly relatives can be very expensive. Today, the cost of nursing homes and senior assisted living facilities are higher than ever before. As the trend continues we’ll see more families strapped to finance for the long-term care of their elderly loved ones. Here’s how to manage the cost of care.

Consider the alternatives to a long-term care facility. Unless your aging parents requires extensive medical care or is at risk of severe injury left unattended, you may be able to care for them at home. The first and often best place for someone to age gracefully is in their own home. With some modifications many homes can be perfectly suitable for elder care.

Look at the possibility of consolidating living space into a single level. Move bedrooms, kitchens, laundry, and bathroom to one floor. By eliminating the need for stairs you can make your special senior safer.

What to do with the extra space? Many families turned a large one family home into a two or three family home with just a few adjustments to design and layout. Check your local ordinances before renting out your home as a multiple dwelling. Any apartments that you add to the structure must be safe and up to code. By renting out the basement and second level a senior citizen can bring in a healthy monthly income that can contribute to day-to-day care.

Some families will elect to offer room and board for free in order to have a trusted companion live at home with their parent or grandparent. As long as you’ve done a sufficient background check of the senior companion and you monitor the relationship closely this can be a very affordable way of giving care.

Another alternative is to have your elderly parents or grandparents move in with you. Often times this can work out cheaper for the family as a whole. Some seniors will choose to sell their primary residence and use the proceeds to pay for care while others prefer to keep the property and use it to provide rental income while holding on to the asset.

Before making any drastic moves when it comes to your parents finance it make sense to sit down with a qualified financial advisor. Choose an adviser who can give objective help and does not rely on sales commissions for income.

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February 20, 2012 um 10:40 am
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