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Five Reasons You Should Have an Emergency Savings

Emergency SavingsYou work hard for the money you earn, so saving money might not be a priority. However, it is important that you have an emergency fund in case the unexpected should occur. My mentor and first boss at my management training program taught me these five reasons you should have emergency savings.

1. You lose your job: With the struggling economy, companies are being forced to lay off employees. Just because you are an outstanding employee does not mean you are not susceptible to unemployment. In addition, you could be the victim of health issues, so you cannot work. Whatever the reason, having an emergency fund will help pay the bills while you are not working.

2. Medical Bills: You never know when you will encounter a major medical condition. You could be diagnosed with a disease, or you could be in an accident that could result in serious injuries. Your medical insurance will only last for so long before you are required to pay the bill. A savings fund will help you pay the mortgage and other bills, so you can avoid foreclosure.

3. Your car decides to quit: You are driving down the road, and you hear a loud clanging noise. You take your car to the mechanic, and the news is not good. You must have a car to get to work or to the store. You will then decide if it will be cheaper to get the car repaired or just buy a new one. Your emergency savings account will prevent you from going into debt.

4. A family member dies: If a loved one dies and you need to get to the funeral, you can dip into your emergency savings to purchase a plane ticket. If you drive, gas is expensive, so you will need extra money to cover the cost. You might also need to help cover funeral and burial expenses.

5. Home Repairs: Your air conditioning goes out in the middle of the summer, or your roof starts leaking during a flood. Your refrigerator might decide to quit working. In addition, you never know when your home insurance might suddenly increase. By having emergency savings, you will be able to pay the bill without putting it on your credit card or taking out a loan.

Emergency savings can prevent you from having serious debt problems or from selling off your assets. If you have invested in gold for instance then that’s something you want to be able to hold on to. You can use the money from your savings account rather than going deeper into debt. Saving money is important to prevent financial problems.

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March 14, 2013 um 6:32 am
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