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June 18, 2018

8 Smart Tips for Flooring Renovation to Increase Home’s ROI at Resale

resellable flooringThe best home improvements are those that give you the best return on investment (ROI.) Some of these, like flooring from Wraps Studio, work well, as long as you choose the best options for each room of your home. Certain types of flooring, like luxurious carpeting from carpet grapevine tx or traditional hardwood floors, are guaranteed to give you the best ROI. Here are eight tips that will help you with this process.

1) Know the Different Types Of Flooring

You need to understand the differences between the types of flooring. There are so many options on the market, from various kinds of tile to laminate and bamboo floors that just going into Wraps Studio may give you a headache. If you educate yourself first, you’ll be much better off.

2) Choose Flooring That Fits Your Needs

Don’t just buy the cheapest or most expensive flooring out there. Instead, pick the type that best fits each room of your home. Look for study options for busy rooms and luxurious, finicky ones for the spaces that get less traffic.

3) Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Advice

Flooring store employ experts who can answer questions and help you choose a style or finish. They’re in the store for a reason – ask them for help if you need it.

4) Diversity Your Flooring

It can be tempting to cover every inch of your subfloor with carpeting from carpet grapevine tx. However, you should break things up as needed and choose the very best flooring for the room. Your home will look more complete, and you won’t have to worry about scaring buyers off with a carpeted bathroom or kitchen.

5) Personalize Your Floor

The key to making your house stand out from all of the others on sale in your area is by adding some personalized touches. Buyers will appreciate those hand-stenciled floors and other details.

6) Redo Your Floors When Needed

If you can’t afford to have, new flooring installed, then make the most of what you already have. You can restain hardwood floors, and they’ll end up looking as good as new. In fact, if you’re afraid of the staining process, paint works just as well. It will cover up any stains and watermarks and give your home a whole new look.

7) Spend Time Doing Necessary Maintenance

You’ll need to do some regular maintenance in order to keep your floors looking nice. It might be something as simple as wiping up spills right away to steam cleaning your carpets every few months. Do what you need to in order to make your flooring look as good as new.

8) Prevent Your Floor from Becoming Damaged

Some types of flooring are prone to damage. If you have this finicky flooring, be gentle with it. If your wood floors are light in color and you’re worried about permanent stains, then lay down a rug. However, at times you might just have to install new flooring in order to reverse any damage.

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October 12, 2015

Home Financing For India – A knowledge base

Home loan financeHome loan India is the perfect option for those who want to get a place of their own and do not have the necessary funds to pay the entire amount. For people who have a decent monthly income, this can be really easy however for those who have a fluctuating income it can be a real challenge at times.

The different factors for the housing loan evaluation

To evaluate the kind of housing loan a person is eligible for, there are a few factors that play a vital role. They are

The individual’s job and field- There are certain fields that are not permitted to get a loan due to the nature of the way the field operates. This is called Negative professions. This is one of the main reasons why financial institutions need to know the field that the person work’s in.

Property location – Knowing where the property is located is also another important factor. Just like how there are black listed professions; there are also blacklisted areas as well as limits that are set.

Personal history of the person – This helps the loan company to know how the house operates as well as the number of earning members that are there in the family. This also helps them to know if the person has any other loans taken out elsewhere and help them to determine the creditability of the person’s ability to pay back.

Required documentation to take out a home loan India

Income Proof – Be it a single borrower or a joint one, the income proof is used to make the necessary evaluation and decide how much loan can be given to a person as well as the monthly repayment.

Personal identification Proof – This includes the person’s driving licence / their voter ID/ Pan Card/ Aadhaar card/ passport etc

Resident Proof – If it is a second home, then the person can submit the present address proof which can be in the form of the electricity bill / passport/ receipts towards the property tax paid etc. In the case of the first ownership, then a letter can be taken directly from the builder if it is a new or ongoing project or after the registration is completed.

Business Proof- This is applicable for those who own a business and want to go ahead and apply for a loan.

Experience Proof – Some banks require a letter from the place of employment where they have the experience of a certain amount of time at the present company.

Age Proof – Different banks have different age criteria’s to give different kinds of loans as well as the tenure and amount of the loan.
Property documents – This would include all the various documents such as the sale deed, registration deed, NOC (society or builder), Occupation Certificate etc.

Buying a house requires a lot of finance which has to be paid either in full or in installments depending on the kind of property you choose, home loan India gives you a financial backup to live your dream.

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October 24, 2013

Why Dubai’s mortgage market is set for change – A News

Dubai's mortgage marketThe recent proposal by UAE Central Bank to introduce a mortgage loan-to-value (LTV) cap – 75% for expats and 80% for UAE nationals – is one of the many measures that the government is working on to deter excessive borrowing, check the proliferation of cash buyers in the market who make up the majority of property purchasers in Dubai. Cash purchases have long since dominated Dubai’s real estate market – with cash-rich buyers usually acquiring properties to lease them out or sell them at an immediate profit – in contrast with end users who buy homes to live in.

Today, with sale prices and rents accelerating, people looking to are looking for better value for money – not just lower interest rates, but terms and conditions and exit fees. Mortgage companies are also ensuring that clients are thoroughly vetted before lending to them. While further information regarding the mortgage cap is expected to be announced in the fourth quarter of this year, industry professionals have shown skepticism regarding the negative effects the decree may have on the real estate and mortgage industry. Hence, it is imperative that a balance is achieved between keeping mortgage opportunities attractive enough to encourage end users to buy Dubai property and at the same time act cautiously to keep speculators at bay.

In another turn of events, Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) announced in August that it would offer UAE nationals mortgages worth 100% of their property’s value with regard to the Mohammad Bin Rashid Housing Establishment for a 25-year period. On a similar note, the government-owned Tourism Development and Investment Company partnered with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank to offer investors 100% mortgages for luxury residences on Saadiyat Island.

This year also saw for the first time, home financing of select off-plan properties to non-residents who wish to buy a property in Dubai as a holiday home or simply invest in a second home. Mortgage providers have also been extra cautious, examining and checking all aspects of a customer’s credibility and that of the developer’s as well. However, with the number of off-plan property purchases on the decline as compared to figures before 2008, this doesn’t seem to be a cause for concern.

Throughout the course of his year, the government has made tenacious efforts to build checks and balances into the system and arm mortgage providers with the information they need to make sound lending decisions. A good example would be the recent proposal by the Dubai government to set up a judicial panel to oversee the liquidation of stalled property projects in the emirate. Such a move will offer investors a viable alternative to time consuming and expensive court procedures and enhance investor confidence.

At the end of the day, people like to invest in a market where they know their rights are protected. While there is no doubt that Dubai’s property market is maturing and the double-digit growth a reason to cheer, the 2008 downturn has surely taught us that slower and steadier progress is far better than faster, unsustainable growth.

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