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February 11, 2013

Using technology to close a sale

Every day, the web becomes more and more useful for sales people; and as technology advances, the likes of video web conferencing perfectly replicates face-to-face conversations in just a fraction of the time of a traditional sales trip. Being able to make personal highly effective sales pitches at the drop of a hat, anytime and with anyone from anywhere in the world makes closing a sale that little bit easier.

For those sales people who have finely tuned their phone routine over the years and are sceptical about the advantages of using video for meetings, here are a few benefits to make you reconsider:

1. Online meetings using video allows for facial expressions to be read. Much of how we communicate is through facial expressions, posture, intonation and eye contact – all of which are lost when using only the phone to seal a deal. A video call allows you to use all of these tools to your advantage.

2. Sales people often feel obliged to fill awkward silences. With video chat, because you can see the people you are pitching to, you can ask the questions you want to ask and then leave the client to answer in their own time – all whilst you have visual connection which reduces any uncomfortable silences.

3. Showing people who you are, what you look like and how you present yourself can bring a sense of trust. The background setting also speaks volumes about what kind of person you are. Video gives your client visual cues which illustrate how you do business.

4. When fostering a business relationship, face-to-face interaction is extremely important in order to connect and gain trust. This is even more vital when asking someone for their business.

5. The added tools you gain with video conferencing software allow you to present documents and research in an incredibly simple way, to help sway your potential client.

Embracing video web conferencing provides you with a whole new way to close the deal. By adding a visual component to your sales pitch, you will find a whole new world of opportunities.

And if you are a small business with limited resources, using technology to your advantage will benefit you financially by allowing you to meet with many people without the cost of travelling.

For those without financial limitation, using video conferencing still enables you to get in there first and gain a faster response. What’s more, being able to make a pitch with the key decision makers based in several locations, gives you the power to make the best impression no matter where people are. Video conferencing also enables you to get the best panel of advisors to take part in a crucial meeting to close the deal, showing you have the right people on hand as and when your client needs them.

Video conferencing has undoubtedly crossed the boundary of simple user communication and team engagement; it has now become an important strategic tool that sales people are using all around the world to pitch and close business deals.

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May 18, 2012

The Cost of Mis Sold Investments

Many ordinary people have recently discovered that they may not have the nest egg that they’d planned for in their retirement. Having put away regular monthly installments into investments and other savings plans, people have now discovered that these investments could be worth a lot less than they’d been led to believe. Mis sold investments are likely to cause a lot of heartache
and financial difficulty in the years to come, as people have to come to terms with the fact that they might not have sufficient money for their retirement and they could well have to rethink their plans for the forthcoming years.

With the issue of mis sold investments now coming to the fore, there is some hope for people who were given inaccurate information when they signed up to long-term investment plans. Compensation claims are being investigated and there is at least some hope of recompense for those who genuinely took out investments based on misleading information. Many people put away regular savings for their retirement, or as a means of paying off their mortgage or saving a nest egg for retirement. Without in-depth personal financial knowledge, people will have relied upon the advice offered by financial advisers, banks and other institutions in order to come to a decision about which investments to choose.

It is because this advice was – in certain circumstances – ill thought-out, or the specific investment inappropriate for the circumstances of the individual at the time, that a mis sold investment bond, or other investment product, will now come under scrutiny. It is hoped that genuine cases of mis sold investments will now be rectified to a certain extent, as individuals can make a claim for
compensation and hope to recoup their losses.

Many people will have been relying on the expected return on their investment in order to fund their retirement. The knowledge that this pot of money might no longer be available can put huge financial and emotional stress on an individual or a couple and this also needs to be taken into consideration. The situation needs to be rectified, not only on behalf of the customers who have
been mis sold investments, but also in order to ensure that financial institutions and individual advisers are seen to be held to account for any inaccurate or misleading information that they have given to customers in the past regarding the investment of their money.

With the issue of mis sold investment now out in the open, it is hoped that the message is getting through and that anyone who believes they have been misled will be able to come forward and receive more information about their investment and whether they might potentially have grounds for a claim with regards to their product. When a lifetime of savings could potentially be at stake, it’s imperative that people are now given the opportunity to check up on their finances and to have some peace of mind that their money is safe and their retirement fund will be sufficient for their needs over the years.

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