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Tax help – Select the one that will suit your financial condition

There are as many as 5 tax solutions that can keep the taxmen at bay in case you have failed to make the IRS tax payments. Here we will discuss about 2 of the much sought after tax debt relief options. You can think about opting for the tax debt help solution that will match your current financial requirements best. The first one is known as the Installment Agreement. Let us find in details what income tax debt solution it actually is how this particular tax debt settlement plan works.

Installment Agreement

In Installment Agreement, you agree upon a monthly payment plan that will enable you to pay your pending tax debt to the IRS in reasonable amount. It is more or less like availing a loan and then paying off the debt in easy and realistic monthly payment plan.

Who qualifies for Installment Agreement plan?

If you owe less than USD$25,000 but you are financially stable. However, at the moment you are not being able to shell out all the money to the IRS but you intend to do so in due course, you are eligible for this type of plan.

The second tax debt relief option is known as Lump Sum IRS plan. In this you are required to pay off a lump sum to the Internal Revenue Service. The amount you pay also includes the penalties and the interests that have piled up over time.

You can either take this tax solution to completion on your own or you can seek help of an experienced tax consultant who will take care of the negotiation between you and the Internal Revenue Services.

How will you locate the right tax professional?

The tax professional you are planning to hire is required to be a Certified Public Accountant, a tax attorney, or an Enrolled Agent. Generally speaking, it is said that if you owe taxes to the IRS that is between USD$10,000 and USD$25,000, you can tackle the issue on your own. But if the amount you owe to the IRS is greater than USD$25,000, it is best to seek help of an expert in this field as mentioned above.

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February 8, 2012 um 10:21 am
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